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Thursday, May 06, 2010

talk by Ken Wilbur 


The above link will take you to a talk by Ken Wilbur, originator of Transpersonal Psychology and Integral Life. Ken has made many contributions to the field of evolution of consciousness, and makes the point that now is the first time in human history that evolution is conscious of itself--and that each of us can be part of that process. The first step is to accept our role in the unfolding shift and to know that we "are god," part of the divine creative force that is impelling these massive changes to occur on all levels.
Unfortunately, he does not refer to Kundalini, that, as Gopi Krishna stated, is the ultimate engine of transformation. The shift must occur in our bodies as well as our minds and spiritual nature. The increase of planetary vibration can only occur one being at a time, and we who undergo Kundalini awakening know full well that we are such beings, and that we are part of a process so vast we cannot define it nor see its ultimate end. Yet, we find daily confirmation of this truth, for we have dedicated our lives to "carry the vibration," until everyone has been touched and lifted to a higher plane of awareness.

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