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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why I Believe in the Light Body 

Why I Believe in the Light Body

The notion of the light body is not new. It has been referred to in virtually all of the esoteric traditions past and present. Sometimes it is called by another name--the process of creating it may be described as the divinization of matter, creating the Merkabah vehicle, the evolution of consciousness, entering Nirvana, or attaining enlightenment. The Egyptian, Taoist, tantric, and Jewish traditions all have names for a similar or same process.

I believe in this phenomenon because I experience it frequently in my living room when I do my energetic practice and feel the energetic shifts occurring, always at a new level. I watch the process unfold as successive layers are peeled away, “like an onion,” as some say. I note the increased sensitivity not only to the inner energy but also to outer things. I sense a transition to an ever higher vibration, as if I am being molded into a “new” being, with a transformed nervous system that more and more feels like it belongs to a being from some other place, so that I am reminded over and over that I am not truly “of this place, of this time,” but am an alien among my own species.

And--of course--there are countless others undergoing the same experience. When we are lucky enough to find one another, we confide the details of our journey, realizations that the “ordinary, normal” person could not fathom. For the most part, we keep our altered identity secret from others unless we sense that they are like minded souls.

One friend remarked, “Why should I read scientific books about cellular transformation, when I experience it constantly in my own body?” Indeed, if you are part of the process, you will know it. It is the actual transformation of consciousness (we become aware of an infinitely wider field of possibilities, of ways of experiencing ourselves and the world, than before); it is the true evolutionary shift of the species. The notion of a “light body” is not a metaphor, but a reality.

Evolution is not an easy process. We often feel we “signed up” for this mission before we got here. And we sometimes kid among ourselves that we might not have agreed so readily had we known how difficult and prolonged the journey would be.

But we are here, we are doing it, and more and more of us are involved as we move toward critical mass.

We enter by many portals--Tantric Buddhism, esoteric yoga, esoteric astrology,Taoism, the great mystery religions of Egypt and the Middle East, Sufism, mystical Christianity, mystical Judaism, native traditions--and many, many others.

All of these are leading us to a similar goal--personal transformation leading to universal initiation.

Kundalini is the driving force behind all of these movements. We feel blessed to be part of the process, for we know this is why we have come.

Dorothy Walters

May 23, 2010

P.S. If you are interested in reading more about light bodies, here is a site containing some channeled information:


I cannot vouch for the validity of this information, but it does provide some thought provoking perspectives. And there are various other sites listed under "light body," with interesting material for reflection.

What is evident is that in these writings, "light" is often described in terms similar to Kundalini, and the process of awakening the light body is similar to that of Kundalini awakening. Each stage is marked by "infusions of light," which is then followed by a process of integration, until the body is ready to receive the next infusion. These stages consist of initiations of various kinds. The process literally changes the cells themselves, as they adjust to the new frequencies. And often the process involves considerable pain and difficulty as the body adjusts.

In essence, the descriptions of "light body activation" are also those of Kundalini awakening, using a different vocabulary to describe a related process.

Much of this material is channeled, and should be approached with considerable caution, but it makes for intriguing reading.)

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