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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are there two different kinds of humans? 

Why some of us are different

Many of us feel that somehow we have never "fit in." It is as if we actually originate from some other realm, some place of origin different from the "others." Wordsworth said of himself (when he was young) that he was "not of this time, not of this place," and he also asserted that we came into this world "trailing clouds of glory" (from our former existence.)

I have often discussed this mystery with many friends. Why do some seem to stumble blindly (or perhaps easily) through their lives, accepting the dictums of society, conforming easily to the given norms and expectations, apparently happy in their paths, while others are never really comfortable in their efforts to "fit in," often sensing that they are "different" in ways they can't quite describe.

And, furthermore, why is it that some seem to be more "open", "awake", in tune with forces that others remain oblivious to? The former are often the real visionaries, the psychics, the mystics, the shamanic healers, those who sense the energies of what surrounds them, and, certainly, those who have undergone the mysterious process of Kundalini awakening. (Anyone who experiences Kundalini awakening at a deep level knows how extremely difficult it is to share this key event with others--often family, friends, doctors and therapists simply cannot comprehend this experience and may interpret it as a sign of mental imbalance or worse.)

At times, it seems as though there are two different races or strains among the group we name "the human species." Why are some more aware, more sensitive, more in touch with invisible realms?

Recently, I considered the theory that space travelers from other planets did indeed visit earth at some point in ancient history, and implant a new set of genes in what became the human race. Perhaps some of us now have more of those genes "turned on" in our systems, while others do not. Everyone carries this potential within, but some already are living this awakened state.

Tonight, watching another episode of Morgan Freeman's "Through the Worm Hole" (on the Science Channel), I was again fascinated by the notion of time travel. One researcher has discovered that it is possible to send a signal (from one device) to another--and the latter picks up the signal slightly before it is actually sent. This was presented as an example of "travel into the past."

However, it occurs to me that from the perspective of the "receiver", it might as well be seen as an example of "travel into the future." Indeed, one experiment in telepathy at a major university asked a human subject to press a lever when a signal was sent--some were very good at this, and some could even anticipate the signal, pressing the lever a split second before the signal was sent. Did these subjects literally travel into the future, sensing the event before it became the "present" in normal space/time?

Now--here is my clincher--if the familiar laws of space/time can be set aside in these various experiments, can they not also offer possible explanations of such things as intuition of coming happenings, premonitions, visions of the "future" in waking or dreaming states?

Unfortunately, the scientists who are working on these issues do not seem to connect their theories with happenings well documented in the storehouse of human experience. There are many such examples, some involving well known historical figures, some involving ordinary people, perhaps those we ourselves know--or even ourselves. How often have you known who is on the phone before you pick it up, or think of someone who then gets in touch shortly thereafter? How often do you dream of something that happens later, including details that were included in the dream (as if time were reversed)? Science seems to disregard all evidence that does not occur in a laboratory under controlled conditions, but we do not live in laboratories, and our lives occur in totally unregulated environments.

And--here is another even more radical theory. One of the scientists on Freeman's program commented that if time travel were possible, we would be inundated with visitors from the future. My question: how do we know that these visitors are not already here, living more or less undetected among us, looking and acting pretty much like the rest of humanity? Indeed, how do you know that we--the ones more open, more seemingly "awake," more "sensitive' in ways unfathomable to the "throng"--are not in fact "visitors from the future," infused with ways of perceiving and knowing beyond the comprehension of the "regular folk" who represent the majority among the masses of humanity?

If we are not in fact "visitors from the future" we are certainly representatives of the next stage of human evolution, when expanded consciousness will characterize everyone. If nothing else, we are here to point the way, to enable others as they enter this transformed state.

I am not insisting that any of these notions is true. But Freeman's program does awaken speculation on some central issues--in particular, how it is that the "two tribes" of humanity are so different from one another in so many ways.

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