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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Drumvalo Melchizedek 

The Shifting of Earth's Kundalini Energies

Today I was in a bookstore and picked up the latest book by Drumvalo Mechizedek--"Serpent of Light." I read only a bit of the introduction, but found some interesting observations there. First, he talks about the Kundalini of the Earth as changing. Now, of course, other writers and mystics have spoken of the Kundalini of earth itself, so this notion (that earth also possesses Kundalini) is not brand new.

Drumvalo says that once every 13,000 years, the central base of earth's K. energies shifts to a new location--and that this shift is sometimes accompanied with an actual polar shift, with all that that entails. He feels that in the present era ("now" is swiftly becoming the previous era), this spiritual center was located in India and Tibet, but that at present it is shifting to Peru and Chile, a place somewhere high in the Andes.

I have no idea whether this theory is or is not correct, but we do know that India and Tibet have been special energy centers for many centuries. Why these would now move to a new location on earth is not clear.

Drumvalo also says that this big shift will occur in the next few years--perhaps even in 2011 or 2012. In this respect, he is clearly in line with the many other prophecies from various seers and traditions speaking of this as a time of major change.

And, like many others, he sees this shift as both positive and negative. As outer structures collapse, new spiritual formations are emerging--the phoenix of change rising once more from the ashes of decay.

One of these changes is the shift from male dominated to female dominated culture. The notion of the resurgence of the feminine aspect of humanity has been with us for some time now. Many years ago, gender studies became a significant topic in university classes. Now, it seems to be gaining ever more strength, as more and more women take on positions of authority in various social institutions, more women spiritual teachers have emerged, and the divine feminine is acknowledged as central to our salvation as a society. In fact, one popular magazine currently features an article entitled, "Are Men Obsolete?" Personally, I think this is going a bit far, for we know many men who successfully embrace their "feminine" aspect, as well as some women who seem to be more "male" in their drive to power than some men. But on the whole, it is interesting to see such notions grow from small beginnings to mainstream themes in contemporary society and more and more people become aware of the need to balance the male and female energies within. The balancing of the opposites--including male and female aspects of self--is essential in virtually all initiatory systems.

I then discovered that if you look up Drumvalo's "Serpent of Fire" on Amazon, you can actually read a good portion of the book there and gain even further insights as to his theories.

(About the photo--in the next entry, I discuss the current view of science that there are "parallel universes" in the physical cosmos. But fish, birds, and indeed all other creatures also exist in "parallel universes"--that is to say, their "worlds of experience" are radically different from our own, yet we inhabit the same planet, the same earth plane. Even humans, in some sense, live in different experiential worlds. When I was young I coined the term "simultaneous reality" to account for some of these differences in sensibility and insight among humans, but it would also apply to the animal world.)

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