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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How It May Happen 

Of late, I have thrown caution to the winds, and am writing things I might not have been bold enough to share a few years back. I do not consider myself a channel or a prophet, but sometimes I seem to get "hits" or glimpses of how things might be. Where we might have come from, where we may be going, and--now--how the change will happen.

This is whatI think. I don't think that the "end" will be as traumatic or frightening as one might suppose. If we are indeed at the end of an era, or possibly the end of planet earth, then this is how we may--as individuals and groups--experience it. I think that vast numbers of people will be--in effect--cast into an altered state, a dream state, if you will, and together we--possibly the entire population of the planet--will easily and effortlessly move together into our next level of consciousness. Some might see this as death, a vast tragedy afflicting earth. But I think otherwise.

Many writers in the past have spoken of evolution of consciousness in terms of actual "root races" that preceded our present status. In fact, some, such as Madame Blavatsky, have described different "races" existing in ancient times, all predating by many eras the appearance of "humanity" on earth. In order to move into a new state of being--to become a transfigured version of the prior self--the old condition must be surrendered, to make way for the new reality.

I am putting this forth not as solid truth, but rather as grounds for speculation. I once experienced death as it came about in a past life. At the (actual) time, I was receiving a massage, but in my "dream body" I knew that I was a monk lying prone, undergoing the transition from "life" to "death." The passage was very easy. As my fellow monks surrounded me, I drifted in and out of consciousness, and slowly made my way--effortlessly and painlessly--into the other realm.

This notion may seem untenable, but my bottom line--as always--is that if what happened to me so unexpectedly (K. awakening) some 30 years ago then anything is possible. Anyone who has had experience well outside the norm will likely be convinced of this. Whether it is sudden ecstasy, altered consciousness, or near death--even alien contact--one is changed forever in terms of acceptance of the "possible" in a way one simply could not accept before.

And more and more are having such key experiences. These are the yeast transforming the dough into the bread, the seeds that have been sown sometimes years ago that now are opening in full bloom.

Kundalini is, I believe, the key ingredient for the transition itself, for through the years it transforms the nervous system in astonishing ways, preparing the self for the move into yet higher realms.

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