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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Into the Tunnel 

Into the Tunnel

Sometimes it happens that way.
You are walking along,
maybe with your hands in your pockets,
not thinking of anything in
and you spy a strange light
glowing from beneath
a doorway
into the mountain.

You have never noticed
this entry before,
but you stop
and ponder
and then,
just to see,
press the button at
the side,
just like Aladdin
or someone summoning
an elevator.

The door swings open.
It is mostly dark
in there,
like a dim lit cave
or a dusky tunnel,
but a faint ball
of light
hovers above
and something seems
to whisper,
“Come in, dear one,
I have been waiting.”

And a little bit eager,
a little bit afraid,
you step inside.

After that,
your life is
never the same.

Dorothy Walters
June 24, 2010

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