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Monday, June 28, 2010

More New Views in Science 

Last night I watched the Science Channel, where first I learned that "String Theory" (the universe is composed of an infinite number of vibrating "strings" (beads) had been for a time discredited in favor of Super Gravity--then, when the idea of 11 dimensions (instead of 10) was accepted the two theories appeared to be complementary instead of contradictory.

The 11th dimension is said to be infinitely long but extremely thin--a fraction of a millimeter across. Thus it is very, very close to everything in the universe.

Also, somewhere in all of this theorizing is M theory--the notion that the universe is a giant membrane--although some (skeptics?) interpret "M" as Magic or Mystery or Mother of All, or even Madness.

But the theory of the weakness of gravity led to the notion of parallel universes. Some were cylindrical or membranes with holes in them--there seem to be an infinite number of membranes with untold parallel universes. Some of these parallel universes may be quite close to us but we are not aware of them.

Indeed, I would add that when I described in a recent entry those of us who feel we are " not at home" in consensus reality might be seen as inhabiting a "parallel universe" of a kind, since we occupy the same space as the "others," yet we experience the world in a totally different fashion.

Indeed, science is sounding more and more like science fiction--in fact, I think it is time to look at the Seth books again--Seth spoke of matters similar to these notions. And we should not forget the Spanda Karika of ancient India--in which vibration itself is the basis of all that exists (or seems to ) in the cosmos.

The bottom line is that Kundalini (vibration of source) is the ultimate reality, and when we connect with it (or are connected to it) we too "vibrate" with that reality which is the final mystery. If we are not prepared, we may suffer serious consequences. But if we are in the right alignment, we can know unsurpassed bliss of union.

(image found on internet from unnamed source--see "string theory" for more images)

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