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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Energies and States of Consciousness 

In a recent post, I mentioned that--much to my surprise--I felt no vibrations coming from the large crystal in the home where I was visiting, though I have felt marvelous energy coming from the two black obsidian arrowheads I have at home.

Then, yesterday, I took my new Ipod (first one ever) to a restaurant and listened while I was eating. Again, although I was listening to some of my favorites--pieces that often "turn on" the bliss-- I felt nothing inside, though the sound itself was lovely.

What I have realized is this--my own energies are quite selective as to where they will manifest. If I am in an unfamiliar setting, where other people are stirring about or speaking nearby, they choose not to manifest, because I myself am in a different state of consciousness than when I am alone at home doing my practice, listening to sacred music, or perhaps out in nature. I need to be in an altered state to experience these energies. Otherwise, nothing much happens. And I have "learned" not to enter these states in more pubic settings.

I can go into this altered state among such groups as residents or visitors of an ashram, folks gathered for sacred purposes, or in museums or on sacred land with other seekers.

I know that some high level spiritual teachers and healers are always in such a state, and that is why we can experience their energies when we are in their presence. Also, those in the beginning stages of k. awakening often stay in touch with these intense energies during the early periods following awakening.

I have a friend who is a high level Sufi who is so sensitive she cannot be in the presence of any crystals for very long before she finds her own energies becoming quite disturbed. I suspect that because of her dedicated practice she is very "open" most of the time.

On the other hand, many healers use crystals to amplify their own energies during sessions. Different crystals are known for different properties. Some people I know collect crystals almost obsessively--they constantly discover new crystals with new energies and powers and they love each new discovery.

So, in the proper context, crystals seem to have almost magical powers to heal and enliven. They can awaken the K. within for many of us.

Kundalini is wonderful, and gives each of us that which we need, and it always has new discoveries for us as we progress.

(image from Crystalinks on internet)

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