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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heather Charnley's Kundalini Experiences 

Heather Charnley is a painter/writer/mystic who lives in the far north of England. She has graciously agreed to let me publish the following entries describing her Kundalini experiences. Remember, each one of us is on a very individual journey--each one is different from all others. What follows is Part I of her account. Other sections will follow.

My whole life has been a journey towards preparation for experiencing the kundalini. Even at the age of three I had my first past life experience though I didn’t know it at the time, and is one of the signs that kundalini is purifying the system, by expelling unwanted subconscious thought patterns, and heavier energies to regain a ‘clean’ system, so that the internal fire can gain access and move up the body.

My own experience of the kundalini’s movement has been predominantly quite slow and peaceful, just a nice flowing movement of energy going up the body for most of my life. I think this was kept as the default mechanism due to the fact that the whole of my subconscious clearing process was being done all at once, so as there was a lot to deal with, this ‘clutter’ acted as a brake or thermostat control (!) to stop the kundalini from becoming too powerful.

It was only very recently that my energy system has been extra charged up because my psychic ‘clutter’ seems to be thinning off quite a lot. I visited some favourite local stones that have very powerful energies, catalysing the kundalini to work more vigorously, and for a few nights I experienced a strong feeling of fire inside my head which was quite uncomfortable, and if I did too much manual work or activities where I had to use my mind, then it activated it even more. I found that visiting a well and imbibing its energies helped to quell the fires. I can appreciate a little what it must be like for people who experience the kundalini full on, but at least I feel the kundalini is making real progress now.

Mostly over the years, I have had to deal with heavy energies, cord cutting and a constant stream of entities and presences, sending them into the light usually in the small hours in order to relieve the weight of tiredness, discomfort and lack of sleep that this would bring on. This process I have been doing for the past decade and a half. I found initially that it was extremely tiring and heavy work, for the amount of cords was like in a telephone exchange and there were hundreds of entities that could travel at will up and down the cords and they didn’t look pleasant at all. With every go at clearing I would feel a wave of peace and energy coming through, and so I knew that I was making progress, albeit slowly. As the years progressed, I felt my energies gradually improving and more kundalini would come through more frequently. Before all this psychic upheaval I did get more kundalini, but I realise it was gearing up to this dark night of the soul period ahead.

My favourite pastime for years was walking in nature, up fells and moor land places and especially if there would be an ancient site to visit, and I would draw standing stones and stone circles and their energy systems, which eventually became compiled into books. Their energy would help keep me right on my journey, stabilising and helping to keep me more balanced, and I realise now how essential the balance between all the elements of earth, water, air, fire and ether are in order to be able to deal with the kundalini. Like with my occasional burst of fire in the head, I knew to go to a well in order to balance out my water element in the body, to get the Ida to compensate for the Pingala energy.

In previous years before the clearing process began in earnest, I can say that my spiritual unfoldment came in steps or stages of process up the mountain. In my twenties I was earnestly seeking spiritually, but didn’t find as much as I would have liked! I did find Carl Jung’s books and they were a blessing for it helped me understand the individuation process, for I would get dark dreams as if the subconscious was stirring and I knew something was in progress, until the late 1970’s to early 1980’s when I had a series of psychic attacks, and during that time my heart centre opened out a lot and I began to feel much peace coming through. I then embarked on daily meditations which brought in much insights, both indoors and with all aspects of nature, namely, trees, flowers, stones and ancient sites, and so this would lead on to my affinity with ancient sites and the books I would write later. While meditating I would feel energy activation in all parts of my body and quite a bit of that serpentine movement as the ‘force’ spiralled through the Ida and Pingala and the nadis as well.

I felt much strength given by all this process which would lead on towards knowing about the kundalini, and I went to one of Lilla Bek’s kundalini workshops where she told me my kundalini was already active, and so I became a bit more informed about the process in preparation for the years to come.

I do recall some beautiful moments, even in my twenties, and teens where I would be speaking with someone and I would suddenly feel a wonderful sweet sensation in my heart, and I thought even then, that it was the most precious thing ever, much better than anything else you could ever experience! So now, while writing this I realise this was probably the catalyst for my spiritual search in the years to come.

Here are some excerpts from my diaries over a period of years of 2004 - 2010.

10th April 2004 – Last night at Alice’s I awoke in the small hours to feel energy moving through my body. I could feel it from my feet right through me. I wondered if it was because of the ley line energies being near the priory, and of course my going to the park nearby. I was aware of spirit talking to me about the philosophy of the animal energies and qualities as seen in the American Indian wisdom, and was shown once again how integrated these qualities are within the energies of Mother Earth, and to know them is to know her. The colour black is of the feminine and the Earth, and white of the masculine and heaven, this was emphasised again, so there must have been some new facet of it I needed to recognise. It was in the context with the crow, who is a mentor in my life, and has some femininity regarding intuition, to get there ‘as the crow flies’! And is a spiritual messenger in the American Indian tradition, and black because the crow works nearer the ground than an eagle.

29th May 2004 – I went up to Aberdeenshire to do a weekend course on crystals with Kathleen Murray, who has a large collection of crystal skulls, and where I slept was where all the crystals were kept. The powers that be, must have thought I needed an energetic catalyst, which was certainly true as I could feel their energy working through my body all night long! I heard the name Hephaestus and later realised he was the god of creativity, which was timely as I began to do more creative work just after being up there. I also had a dream there of seeing a face with the left side black and the right side white, and I was also inspired to get a clear quartz crystal ball and an obsidian one. The first night I sensed the crystals were all looking at me and were aware of my psychic difficulties I have had, and they were kindly and supportive. I’d felt energies going up my back on the last night, and I realised my crystal keys used on the course were by my side and forgotten they were there, and had to move them as I felt their energy penetrating me though they were only trying to help!

That year I decided to find out more about pagan lore in order to support my inner process, so I embarked on a correspondence course that was very helpful.

2nd May 2005 – I went to Glasgow that weekend to do a course of Melody’s crystal healing. The main object of the exercises we did was to clear the subconscious to aid progress. On the first day of the course we were asked to tape a particular crystal onto our backs for the night and report back in the morning what happened. During the night the crystal became active and acted like a kundalini catalyst, bringing energy up the spine. It was trying to help me understand why the psychic business was still around, and found it was related to ancient abuse of responsibility and power. It was a super 7 crystal.

Later I recalled an image I’d seen in a vision or meditation while up in Glasgow, it was of a six-pointed star with a five-pointed star inside, which I understood to be heaven and earth combined, and reminded me of a message from spirit just before this whole clearing began that heaven and earth were coming together and I felt a sense of activation of heavenly energies and earthly energies homing in on me, somehow I felt like a helpless creature trapped in the middle in a way! Not that I worried about it unduly, just that I felt I didn’t know enough about what was going on and about to happen, even though I knew that higher intelligences were watching on lovingly, really.

17th May 2005 – A note here to consider, regarding the elements as mentioned previously. The American Indians thought highly of thunder because it encompassed all of the elements. Water comes via the heavy clouds, fire with the lightning, air because it is essential to activate the fire, and earth as the receiving station for the lightning. It has relevance to kundalini actions.

30th July 2005 – Found some useful notes on inner workings. I was told in meditation to consider the pineal gland, which is governed by the crown chakra, the will of the father or monad, whereas the pituitary is of the second ray of love and wisdom, and the carotid and medulla are of the third ray, of the son and intelligence. Also correspond to the Aryan, Atlantean and Lemurian respectively, as well as the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala, also respectively. The three aspects have to be unified and then true kundalinified integration can take place.

6th August 2005 – We visited Bedd Taliesin (the grave or ‘bed’ of Taliesin); it is situated in mid Wales near the coast overlooking the Dovey Valley. I saw an effulgence of white light, as well as the crystal-like jewel of spring green that shines like a star; this denotes a link to the centre of the Earth. In the guide books on this place and Cader Idris a mystical mountain not far away to the south, if you sleep in the vicinity you either become mad or a prophet. I have slept near ancient sites occasionally and have felt their energies working on me catalysing the spiritual and kundalini unfoldment.

To reconsider the connection between the land and individual human’s energy systems, I have visited landscape temples around Britain, where certain places have the qualities one finds in any one of the seven chakras, and they are laid out in the relevant order, and I could recognise these energies as they would resonate in my chakras, appropriate to the site in question. We have a triple ley system in Northumberland, and I happen to live between the base and sacral regions and so it is quite useful for good kundalini development!

(Image of muladhara chakra is from wikipedia)

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