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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heather Charnley's Kundalini Experiences--PART THREE 


22nd January 2008 – Looking through this year’s diary I realised how much inner work I did over the years, with many an ache and pain in places that had been relieved by cord, device and entity removal. On this date an angel appeared, and I noticed he’d brought a rectangular casket about two feet long. On opening the box, inside were a miscellany of objects but couldn’t see the details initially. He put it on the floor by the bed and it gave off a wonderful energy and I could feel it within me. Then he put it under the bed so I could continue feeling the energy. Apparently one of the contents of the box was a list of the books I would write, and have done some of them so far. Will have to look again and see if I can see more! The angel was Zadkiel.

2nd February 2008 – I revisited the casket and saw a group of crystals inside and knew I had used them in ancient times. One was a long quartz crystal wand with a silver handle.
At various times, beings from the spirit world have come to help with psychic clearing, but on many occasions I have had to do it myself, for my guides said it is best if I know how, so that I can be responsible for myself, and the essential need to know what it all entails, and the understanding of what caused it all, which you don’t get if someone else is doing it for you. When spirits help, they allow me to realise the causes and then help with the clearing away process.

2nd August 2008 – I contracted some kind of fever and felt tired, and at the same time a huge mass of psychic phenomena occurred. Despite my attempts to clear it, it became too much and I prayed for Baba to come and help. He said that it was time for it to stop now. The entities faded away and I began to feel kundalini energy generating in my base chakra, stimulating the rest of the body. It felt rough as though scouring through my energy field, and I was a bit disconcerted but then it stabilised after a while. I felt the kundalini kick in more positively on and off during the night, as if I was surrounded by fire, and the energy was going up the main channel too, up to my head and I felt some going through my female organs and around the breast area too, it was just keeping them right, which was encouraging. I felt tired but relieved the next day.

6th August 2008 – We went to Scotland for a week, staying in a guesthouse in Aberfeldy, only to realise that we could feel ley energy running through our bedroom, so we had a dynamic experience that night. I felt the energy working through my base chakra and up the spine, and I could see imagery of a stone circle and other fleeting glimpses of the like, obviously what was along the ley line. I continued to experience the healing effects of the leys wherever we went, so this psychic health spa was just what was needed!

Since then I’ve felt a lot more kundalini energy, running through me gently a fair amount of the time. One occasion it was quite strong with energy running up through me from the base chakra up through my uterus as well as the rest of the body. It made me feel rather ‘strange’ and tired, and continued throughout that day. It subsided a while, but returned for a second helping two nights later!

2nd January 2009 – I had a kundalini-active Christmas. I was reading B.S. Goel’s book about his kundalini journey and saw him in spirit and he told me the following – ‘God initiates it as Baba, Krishna or whoever, and guides you through the process, knowing what is best for the individual according to individual karma, and leads one to the final conclusion where you merge with God.’
Later I recall discussing something with someone in who was in the spirit world and needed some consolation, after I had been reassuring I felt a burst of kundalini, which continued most of the night, so was tired again in the morning!

9th January 2009 – I saw an image of Yogananda and he said that the guru you are linked with activates and maintains your kundalini situation primarily, but others who know about it can come in and help as required. He said that once the kundalini has been through you fully, that source of energy does its own maintenance of the body, relieving tensions, and then you are open to bliss, deep peace and good health.

13th January 2009 – I found more items to clear and had kindly help from spirit, namely Jophiel and Michael. I put my hand on a picture of Maitreya’s hand I have nearby and I felt a mass of energy coursing through me, and it lasted probably nearly half an hour. The sentence that came to me as I felt this energy was – ‘The fire in the mind causes untold gifts to emerge.’

15th January 2009 – On using some codes I made, they act as catalysts to move energy, and one kundalini spiral type one that is surrounded by a force of light moved a feeling of tension from my Alta Major, and moved it upwards to the crown near the rear of the top of the head.

3rd April 2009 – I dreamt of something illuminating after doing a code of an eye of the sephiroth, which was sending energy downwards, ending in a triple spiral where it then entered the spirit of mankind. In the dream a flowering branch of nature emanates from within the heart and exits the body via the mouth, so that all that he or she knows of spirituality is projected out into the world as naturally as breathing, for he or she has become integral with spirituality.

16th May 2009 – A white tornadoesque night last night for sure! Went to sleep around 11pm and woke from a deep sleep with the kundalini reaching a crescendo at 12.30, and it whirred on until gone 4am. Since the kundalini was scouring at my sacral area, I felt corresponding feelings of tension in my neck too. Then I awoke again at 9am, anticipating my head would be fuzzy after such a night, but the kundalini was still active, and so I was alert, thankfully.

20th May 2009 – I was told by spirit that when the energy over my head feels light, then I’m nearing the conclusion of all this, for at Christmas when a lot of kundalini energy was coming in, but the energy over my head did feel heavy.

22nd May 2009 – Today my head felt an inner tension as if the energy from the kundalini wanted to push upwards, but was unable to do so. I have also had aches in the left side of my head. I last had these aches just before a burst of kundalini relieved it, so am hoping the same applies in this case.

26th June 2009 – Recently I have had energy running up the back of my neck in a fiery way and I’ve felt very tired. I then did some clearing work. The energy in my neck has extended into my head now, and I’m glad the hot weather has eased off a little as that seemed to intensify the kundalini’s activity.

11th April 2010 – I got up at dawn to listen to the dawn chorus. I went and sat at old oaky’s seating area and just listened. I could sense the extra boost of energy that was coming while the birds were singing, and could feel it coming through me. I came away with inspiration to do more goddess paintings to reflect the magically charged atmosphere nature holds, and the reverence and love it will inspire. I must say that I feel much lighter energy wise these days.

Over the past two years I have been experimenting with some Atlantean-based chakra cards channelled by Merlin, which I use energetically to strengthen and clear my energy system, and feel they have been effective, and also act as a catalyst to bring in useful requirements to my life. I still have more to complete!

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