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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kundalini Energies and Public Display 

In recent posts, I mentioned that my own energies often seem to "hide' or even vanish in public settings, as if they only desired to manifest in private in intimate and sacred circumstances. I wondered why this might be, especially when the healer I was with (when I visited the giant crystal) seemed to think that I was somehow deficient and wanted to give me instructions as to how I might feel the vibrations of this mammoth crystal.

A friend of mine (Laurel Griffith) who is a high sensitive (also undergoing K. awakening) wrote the following response, which sheds even more light on this issue.

I know exactly what you're talking about regarding the K choosing to manifest in "safe places". When my K first erupted, it was in public, but only two people actually witnessed it. One, who was in the room with me at the time actually had been K active for over 30 years, so she recognized it immediately. The poor chiropractor didn't quite know what to make of it, so he covered me with a blanket for awhile until he needed the room for another patient. At that point, I was still vibrating like mad. But I got up, and somehow paid my bill. The woman with the K approached me in the lobby. I said, "I don't know if I can drive home". She assured me that I could. That the energy would stop until I got safely home and would likely continue on once there. She was right!

My experience with K is that it shows itself more dramatically in private. It's even more active when my husband isn't home than when he is. I assume it's because it's such a personal, yet not personal energy. In hindsight, the chiropractor's office was a "safe place" for it to burst forth. Especially having an experienced K person in attendance. It's almost funny if you think about it. Had that happened at home, I most likely would have dialed 911. That wouldn't have been a good choice.

The K will manifest in spiritual settings, but it's never really gotten out of control. I'll get some vibrations, that are obvious, but it's pretty easy to work with so I don't make a scene. 8-) The best advise I've ever been given is to let the K have it's own time everyday. Much like you're doing. By doing that, I find it "behaves itself" the rest of the day.
(In recent posts, I discussed the situation in which one's K. energies simply seem to "hide" or disappear in certain pubic settings, as if they are reluctant to appear in any but extremely private and sacred circumstances.--D.)

I've always been "open" to energies, so this isn't new since the kundalini. It can be problematic actually. I sometimes envy people who aren't at the effect of everything around them. In your book you mentioned a visit to the Rosecrusion (sp?) museum in San Jose. I went there once, many years ago with my friend Bob. I enjoyed it very much, but I could hardly stand up by the time we left. I felt totally, energetically drained. Bob did a form of energy work called "Touch For Health". When we got back to my place, he threw me on the table and was shocked to discover every single meridian in my body was out of whack. He worked on me for hours before I felt well again. I really wanted to see the Tut exhibit in SF, but I didn't dare after that experience. Those objects weren't meant to see the light of day again and were meant to go into the afterlife with the deceased. I've speculated since on the supposed "curses" of the tombs. Maybe those weren't just mere threats to frighten would-be grave robbers.

Note (from D.)--I think that for some of us, displaying our "hidden" energies is tantamount to taking our clothes off in public. Another image I thought of was that since K. is our "Beloved Within," having a witness to our meeting would not be appreciated.

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