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Monday, July 26, 2010

More of Heather Charnley's Journey 

(Heather Charnley' s Kundalini journey continued--more later)

4th July 2006 – Many astral beings are very aware of people’s state of being, and will ‘link in’ to put it politely in order to take what they would like to have. They are more attracted to the light and to those who have entities around them, but once all that is cleared completely, then you are exempted from their approach and your energy field can resist all interferences of that world.

3rd August 2006 – Back in Wales again and visited St Cybi’s well in the north peninsula. I sensed slow spiralling energies emanating here and words that came to mind were – ‘A place where the saint frequented and she lived nearby, and was inspired to go there to tend the well, and give healing to all who came. Her hands held the energy of the Earth and Heavens and had been through the difficulties of self-illumination, inner journeying and clearing the way to unity with the spirit. Her depth of understanding was an inspiration to all around the area, and she was known to travel to wherever a healing was required’.

On visiting Dyffryn Ardudwy the burial chambers from the Neolithic period, on the coast in mid Wales, for it was a place I had felt drawn to visit for some time, and I realised when I got there that I had some inner work from the past to deal with to do with enmity as the result of a battle held around the area. I made peace with the past accordingly. Later we travelled down to St David’s and I linked to St Non’s well and was encouraged to link in deeply for that would strengthen my condition.

4th November 2006 – When meditating I got the word ‘Awen’, so I looked it up in my druidry book and found it to be the three rays of light at north east, east and south east, relative to the sunrise at various times of the year. They are used for invocation and are the three aspects of deity, truth, beauty and love. I later found an old circle spot, used in the past in the old druid’s format, in which I would use it and find much wisdom and energy enhancement there.

12th November 2006 - I had a curious dream where someone was talking about the kundalini, and then I heard three small bells being rung in unison, which was supposed to invoke the thought of the three channels of Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. So perhaps sound can play a part for the kundalini, and perhaps there are some healers in the world who are doing this. (I’d like to know!)

18th November 2006 – I had visited the base chakra area of our triple ley system and had seen an image of a dorje and a chalice there, male and female symbols. The dorje is a ritual object and is used to strike a bell, and also it is considered a thunderbolt of enlightenment, being the catalyst in the process. It somehow ‘rings a bell!’ with the dream of the bells.

6th April 2007 – I went out to the Walwick stone, which is only a few miles away and have visited it often over the years. My guide encouraged me to link deeper into the earth and also reach higher to the bright realms, and see that energy there, and also the same deep in the earth and draw it through me so that the heavenly energy reached my feet and the earth star chakra, and the earthlight energy was drawn up to the highest chakra over my head. I felt a deep peace running through me as a result.

26th April 2007 – This is the day I actually discovered my Cadair Circle, the druid like circle spot as mentioned I would find as given on 4th November 2006.

25th June 2007 – Inspired notes I wrote here are as follows: “Your condition is one that shamans have experienced at times when there have been very heavy energies over and around the Earth, in Kali Ages. In order to understand this process, the shaman takes on the energy around for the Earth is experiencing it, as are all life forms one way or another, but they usually notice the physical, mental and emotional effects rather than psychic. The closer you go to the god and goddess source, the more in touch with the universal you become and so you must know how to deal with the dark and light in depth. To be able to ‘ingest’ both of these forces and come through smiling is a shamanic goal of greatest strength. So this dealing with psychic phenomena means to have direct understanding of the process, and to know specific aspects of the problem.”

13th August 2007 – Wales again! Down in south Wales I went up a lump called Crug Hywel or the tumulus of Hywell Da, a well respected Prince of Wales in times past. I saw a shaft of light on the top with energy reaching up from around the fort to form a roughly conical shape, and a spinning ring of energy at the apex, which enlivens the shaft of light. I have found in more recent times that to experience a cone of energy is greatly catalystic, by creating one the way the witches do, or by my sets of chakra cards I have been creating and the best set is the magician’s set, (there are ten sets in total). They invoke a conical energy down into the system, or you can even wear a conical hat!

(Note: conical hats are found in many cultures, ancient and modern. The above image was found on Wikipedia)

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