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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Alaya Love, a Huna Healer 

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Recently I met a wonderful woman named Alaya Love who is a healer in the Hawaiian huna tradition. This healing method stresses forgiveness as the path to healing. She studied for several years with a teacher in Hawaii, who instructed her in the ancient ways.

The forgiveness experience involves several parts--forgiveness of mother, father, others, self and God. The healers in this lineage feel that until these channels are cleared and the heart is free to find love and its own source, pain and suffering will result.

The above site is an extremely interesting T. V. interview which originally appeared on "Shifting Dimensions," a show dedicated to exploring the evolution of consciousness andd the shifting paradigm. I think you will enjoy it.

By the way, her name "Alaya" was given to her by her native teacher. It means "bringing heaven to earth." I think this is what she is doing.

(To book a session call: Alaya LOVE 808-635-3335)

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