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Thursday, August 05, 2010

As Silk to Coarse Fiber 

As Silk to Coarse Fiber

(For the Beloved Within)

After a time
the lust process settles down.
It is no longer strong sex you want,
but something much
more subtle, more delicate,

As silk
to coarse fiber,
as aged wine
to heavy beer.

Something like
gentle breezes
after a strong wind.

The branches no longer
thrash and toss
threatening to break entirely
or demolish the houses
huddled below.

Even the clouds
are still,
everything waiting
for this next new birth.

This is merely a metaphor--
how it felt in the beginning,
how it is between us now.

Dorothy Walters
August 5, 2010

(This poem is intended to describe the Kundalini process, which often begins in a rather stormy process, with much surging energy and many “ups and downs.” As the years pass, things do indeed settle down, with the bliss flows becoming ever softer, arriving in subtle pulsations such as you would not have been able to experience at the outset. Each stage brings its own rewards, each experience ever new.)

(Image found at http://www.antonnews.com/greatneckrecord/news/8857-storm-tossed-but-alive-and-safe.html)

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