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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Bruce Lipton on Spontaneous Evolution 

Last night I attended a presentation by Bruce Lipton, whose "Biology of Belief" was a major groundbreaker in the field of cellular biology. Bruce himself was trained as a biologist, and was acknowledged as an authority in the field, until he broke with mainstream science and challenged some of the conventional thinking in contemporary scientific and medical circles.

One of his conclusions was that the notion that we are controlled by our genes is simply not true. He found that cells were extremely sensitive to their immediate environment--and that a "good" environment (in a body that is happy and feeling well) can "open the gates" at the cellular level and create not only feelings of well being but good health. On the other hand, cells under stress (when the person is stressed) close the gates and the person is vulnerable to all kinds of illness as a result.

In other words, he "proved" what alternative healers and others have known for a long time--there is indeed a body/mind connection, and therefore healing takes place when that connection is brought into balance in "alternative" ways, not through prescription drugs, which often create more problems that they solve.

Bruce also pointed out that the mental/emotional state of the mother during pregnancy has a direct effect on the "psychological habits" of the child. Happy mothers produce happy children. Stressed mothers produce unhappy children, for the blood itself circulates significant chemicals to the fetus while the mother is carrying the child. Videos of the fetus in utero reveal how the infant reacts by jerking each time the mother reacts to stress.

This was a compelling presentation by a man who has dared to challenge the establishment--I recommend reading his books for more details, some of which are rather amazing (did you know that more people die from iatrogenic illnesses than any other (such as heart problems, diabetes and such). He blames not the doctors but the prescription companies who seem to dominate the practices of the medical profession.

Lipton continued his presentation to consider the challenges we face today, such as the fact that we now face a real possibility of species extinction on the planet. He sees 2012 as the time when the major social institutions (political, religious, economic, etc.) will collapse, and a new era will emerge. He is very positive in his view, asserting (like many others) that the old must give way for new thinking and new structures to be born.

Bruce Lipton is a man totally dedicated to his cause and travels the world promoting his "radical" thinking. I admire him greatly. However, I felt his presentation ignored some of the major features of the coming change:

l. The role of the divine feminine. Many agree that this element may be the most important aspect of the shift from a patriarchal to a matriarchal point of view. Society must undergo extreme revision, focusing on a new paradigm, and a different way of using our common power to organize ourselves. And this shift will include males as well as females.

2. The role of "outside help" (divine connection). I feel that unless we acknowledge and embrace our spiritual (as opposed to merely material) nature and our own identity as cells in the body of the divine, we will not make the progress so essential to our survival.

3. The role of Kundalini. Anyone who has undergone intense Kundalini awakening knows its power to bring us instantly into a new state of awareness, and I believe that this new consciousness is what human evolution is all about. Gopi Krishna was the first to point to Kundalini as the key engine of human evolution, and I am convinced that he was right.

I actually pointed this last omission out to him afterwards, and he agreed with what I said. I told him that Kundalini is a powerful mechanism to transform the nervous system and can in fact cause the cells to dance in ecstasy. He again graciously agreed and thanked me for the work I was doing. I think that those of us who are in the forefront of this transformative experience form a special community and carry a special obligation to nurture and support one another and the mass of humanity in the great shift that is occurring right now.

At the end of his talk, Bruce said that one day after the publication of "Spontaneous Evolution," a crop circle appeared that copied the design on the front of his book. His conclusion was that "aliens" are in touch with what is going on on earth, and that this was a signal that they approved his work. (The picture on the front of "Spontaneous Evolution" is the famous drawing by Leonardo da Vinci called "Vitruvian Man," a depiction of the perfect proportions of the human body, named after the first century Roman architect Vitruvius, whose ideas served as a model for perfectly proportioned buildings.)

I found this picture of the figure on YouTube. It is quite fascinating. To see it, go to youtube and look for "Cosmic Butterfly." And other similar videos are there as well.


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