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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Human Lovers, Transcendent States 

Yesterday, I had a visit from two wonderful women who are practitioners of Healing Touch, a specific energy healing technique. They are both nurses, and use this method as part of their service to those they tend to. One has experienced K. awakening, and the other is quite interested in the topic, so we spent several hours sharing our thoughts on this special subject.

Before they left, they gave me a hands on experience in healing touch, and it was quite fascinating. From the first moment I felt "their" energies coming through, first in the feet and then as heat traveling up through the body. In the early days of my process, I typically felt energy healings as infusions of bliss, but this was different. It felt good, especially at the end, when they together stroked my aura, and I almost felt a bit of bliss. I felt quite refreshed when it was over, and was glad to be told that I was indeed healthy.

One of the first questions they asked was "What is the difference between sexual energy and K. energy?" Certainly, the two are closely related, but they do indeed feel quite different (for most of us.) I believe they draw from the same source, which is the natural energies of the body, but with Kundalini sublimation occurs. Sublimation does not mean repression but rather transformation into a higher form. My usual distinaction is that Kundalini does not have a sexual stimulus nor does it seek a sexual outlet (with some exceptions for some people, who have a different approach). It can be orgasmic, but need not be an orgasm. Rather, it is the delightful (and certainly quasi-erotic) sensation produced by the Lover Within, who can awaken sensuous feeling anywhere in the body, and sometimes only in a special part, such as hands and arms or cheeks and temples.

I think the intensity of the resultant feelings (like the intensity of all feelings) depends on such factors as the age and physical state of the practitioner, the hormone level, and other such elements. However, in order to experience bliss of this kind, one must enter an "altered" state of consciousness. Otherwise, all effort may be in vain. I also believe that awakening itself can come as an act of grace, not as a result of effort and practice.

Somehow, talking about this subject, caused me to contemplate my earlier years when it was a human rather than a spiritual lover I was in contact with. And, although I have no wish to return to those earlier days, this poem "came though" this morning:

Even Now

I think I would still come
to you
if you should call my name.

How could I forget
those meetings,
when angels filled
the room.

When we lost who
we were
in one another’s arms.

Do not say
such things are forbidden,
even now when there is
no face
beside me
in the mirror,
no sound in the room
but my own breath.

Dorothy Walters
August 12, 2010

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