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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shaolin warrior monks and bliss Kundalini 

(This picture of a Shaolin Temple found via Google)

Recently I watched a T. V. program on "super humans" that included a segment on a Shaolin warrior/monk, now living in New York City. He was quite proficient in his art, demonstrating first, how he could tighten his body so that blows with strong sticks would break when he was struck with them. His final action was to demonstrate the "one-inch punch," apparently made famous by Bruce Lee, the renowned martial artist. The force of his blow was measured as he struck a dummy such as is used to test the impact of car crashes. It was found to be the equivalent of a 30 mph car crash.

Frankly, I have paid little attention to the martial arts, other than simple T'ai Chi and Chi Gong, which are related through their emphasis on circulating the inner energies (called chi in the martial arts.) After seeing this program, I looked up "Shaolin Warrior/Monks" on Google and found several interesting videos of other amazing feats of strength and will by these warrior/monks.

This T. V. program included several other sections on people performing seemingly impossible feats--one man could withstand heat that would kill most of us, another could run a hundred or more miles without tiring, and a third man could dive from 30 feet in the air into 12 inches of water with no ill effects.

All of this was fascinating, because these are all folks who stand "outside the norm." The monks have trained their bodies and minds for years to develop these skills--the others appeared to have been born with unusual capacities, enabling them to break the norms.

After reflecting on the seemingly impossible feats of the warrior/monks, I wondered if those of us who experience the extremely fine and subtle energies share something in common with them. Of course, we do not break boards or demonstrate superhuman strength, but we do possess a capacity to feel energies at a level so subtle that most people would find our experience difficult to believe. We too "go outside the norm."

I have tried many times to explain how these delicate infusions of bliss feel--of course, I never succeed, but that doesn't keep me from trying. For me (and for many of us) that feeling is one of subtle ecstasy. It is as if your body became a harp and someone was playing on it with delicate invisible fingers. I call it the Invisible Lover within.

Kundalini does not always wait to be called (as in your time of dedicated practice.) This morning, for example, it took me unawares even before I was dressed. Standing near naked in my bedroom, I felt a soft "sweetness" beginning at the root and literally moving up through the chakras as I rocked back and forth, or perhaps in a small circle, until it reached my head. Then I used my hands to circulate the energies from a few inches away (still a delicate bliss sensation) around my face and crown. After that, I did my familiar practice of circling my hands, palms, facing, around my torso and wherever--the best feelings were literally at my sides and flanks. Again, there was never any actual contact with my body.

I have concluded that there are three principal ways the Kundalini energies may be manifest: as strength (the warrior); as healing energy (often as heat); and as bliss. My own "bliss path" was set from the first minute of awakening. I have done nothing to cultivate it except to show up and follow inner guidance (almost daily for many years). I seldom try to "control" or direct it--rather I follow it, and it certainly seems to know what to do.

I marvel each time that such experience is possible. It is indeed "outside the norm," yet it is perfectly natural. Certainly, I can't break boards, but could the warrior/monk sense such delicate energies at the high end of the spectrum? I wonder.

My practice is one of devotion, for I feel such bliss (ananda) comes from and connects us with divine source. It is a way of sending prayer into the universe, to help heal and connect all of us. When the planet awakens, I expect great numbers to enter this sacred state.

"Kundalini is God moving through your body." (Unknown source.)

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