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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thoughts on channelings--addition to earlier post 

Notice: This entry was meant to be part of the one I posted earlier today on channels and channeling. I kept losing the entire post, and experiencing other difficulties, so I decided to include my observations here, on a separate post. Read the other one first if you can.

I generally listen to channels with a lot of curiosity and many grains of salt. But I listened to these two (Solara An-Ra and Anrita Melchizedek on their youtube sites) with great interest and found I agreed with a great deal of what they (and others on their sites) have to say.

To begin with, I thought actually seeing Solara An-Ra in action, channeling in the Grand Canyon just a few days ago, was especially interesting. She seems to be in full trance, and speaks with a deep throated voice one would expect from a male channeler. She lives up to my expectations of how a channeler would act, in the long tradition of channels and oracles from the beginning of time.

And I found that I resonated deeply with much of the content of the channelings on Anrita Melchizedek's youtube site. The thrust of the message was that we are together creating a "Merkaba vehicle" (vessel for lightbody ascension), that in order to do this we are receiving
controlled infusions of light with the help of beings from extraterrestrial locales. Some of these helpers are thought to be "aliens" from specific planets--and here I am a bit skeptical. I can accept the notion of "beings from above," or "beings from beyond" (non-physical realms) easier than I can the idea that actual entities from other physical planets are our helpers--but maybe I am wrong on this. Many things are happening to cause us to rethink many of our own notions. Who knows what is real?

August 24 (day of full moon) was designated (by these channels) as the day of a "Full Planetary Grid Transmission". When I checked my blog, I found that I had experienced an intense and unexpected "infusion" of bliss energies on August 21, three days before the full moon on August 24 (these "infusions" tend to occur spontaneously around the time of the full moon.) So perhaps I was receiving some of what the channel is describing, even though I did not know of the "prediction" until after the event.

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