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Saturday, August 07, 2010


Last night I watched a fascinating program on UFO's on History International. The program included many, many recordings of sightings by highly trained and experienced pilots, including commercial airline pilots, private pilots, and even Astronauts. This presentation was especially persuasive since we listened to actual voices as the sightings took place

Not too long ago, such reports were confined to places like the National Enquirer, and were often dismissed as nonsense by many. Today the evidence is piling up that something indeed is out there and, although we don't know exactly what it is, we can no longer deny its existence.

Many feel that time is speeding up--revelations of once secret information such as this seems to confirm that we are indeed in a time of rapid change and may be headed toward closer contact with our cosmic cousins. Some feel that we are moving out of global consciousness and are being prepared for our entry into true galactic consciousness as the next stage of human evolution.

I think that Kundalini plays a key role in all of this--in order to enter into the next phase, we need to experience and assimilate higher vibrational frequencies, and Kundalini is the mechanism by which this is occurring. As yet, not too many observers seem to be giving Kundalini the credit it deserves.

These are exciting times indeed.

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