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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Marya Manns--more on Braco plus the Placebo effect 

More on Braco and the placebo effect from Marya Manns



Placebo? The word nobody wants to utter, but why not? Why not utter it? What’s the matter with the “placebo effect?” Placebo aids at least one third of spontaneous healings and countless reversals of mortal disease.

Placebo is basically “a pleasing belief.” From the Latin placebo, meaning, “I shall please” and “to please,” it means “a medicine given more to please than to benefit the patient.” Isn’t the purpose of doctors and other healers to please the patient?

But western medicine views placebo as “scam medicine.” Swami Beyondananda points out that, “It does seem just a slight bit strange that we have to have scientific proof that love, compassion and joy are good for us. I guess the thinking is, ‘Well, it works in practice, but does it work in theory?”

When a patient gets a ‘medicine’ from a doctor that he trusts, he may get relief from the symptoms, even if the medicine happens to be a sugar pill. Knowing that placebo has a verifiable result can point us to new and potent methods of healing. Before the study of epigenetics, a new field that explores the field of energy around DNA, placebo was mocked as beyond the consideration of learned scientists. But research pioneered by Dr. Bruce Lipton who wrote The Biology of Belief has shown that “pleasing beliefs” actually change the biology of the human body. Focused intention, placebo,and the power of belief is more than mock medicine. It’s good science and can be measured.

Gazing at Braco works its magic exactly to the extent we allow it. So when Braco comes back from Croatia to the U. S. again in April (now fall), bring your worries and your wounds to him. Take your needs. Take flowers. But also take your power, your intention, your belief. Gaze back with all the loving awareness you really are, look around you with those same eyes, and help heal the whole world.

You can read more about Braco and enjoy an amazing writer’s journey on the quintessential spiritual path in 21 Days With Braco

Big Blessings, Dr. Marya

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