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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More from Marya Mann on Braco 

Here is more from Marya Mann's blog entry on Braco at


I was ready. Dr. Salla finished and feelings of power and unity filled me as the music began. Braco walked into the room, crossed the floor and ascended to the platform. Equanimity and recollection, deep peace. An energy that could extend everywhere, even to you reading this now, if you imagine loving eyes everywhere, gazing at you.

Soaking up the love gaze, I felt as though everything I viewed was infused with this vision of loving kindness and forgiveness, magnanimous cheerfulness, hope, vitality, sacred vision.

Or not. The key here is that each of us must open our own heart to heaven. It is our power of choice.

With our gaze and our appreciation, we choose whether to see a friend or an enemy, another snake charmer or a true genius healer, a biospheric network of neural glee or a cave prison built of our mistrust. I chose the former, and was delighted to see so many people also choose to believe there is a power to heal available to us, and we can awaken it, and it is easier to awaken in the presence of some people more than with others.

The love field created by people awakening to this realization is enormous and significant, and you can feel it right now if you choose. Such beautiful power, to awaken to our higher selves, and to see the divine in each other and ourselves in every moment.

How much of this has to do with Braco’s healing ability, and how much has to do with our belief, as well as the thunderous praise of devotees who work tirelessly on his behalf? I don’t know. I do know it’s possible to raise energy vibration to such a high pitch that it radiates massive doses of healing energy.

Braco’s gaze had, according to thousands of people, reported thousands of people, cured cancer, healed bones, gastritis, and boils, bones, skin lesions, and brain problems. He had sparked miracles and emotional transformations at a distance, reversals of both chronic degenerative conditions and acute pain. In Europe, he gazes at 22,000 people a month in sanctuaries and ampitheaters.

Keep shining your own light, an inner voice said. You can’t receive the light from others, the next book or workshop, the next vitamin pill, the next guru. Others can ignite your light even brighter, but you are the center and source of your perceptions, and thus the manner and form of your understanding and expression. How much healing, wholeness and happiness can you absorb? Be the healing, the perfect happiness, and feel absolutely whole. That feeling spreads out into world, just as Braco’s gaze has spread out into the world, reminding us of our own strength, power, and agility.

After the gazing session, Angelika Whitecliff, the incandescent author and diligent organizer who brought Braco to Hawaii, said, “Let Braco’s gaze set the foundation for your own blossoming. When that foundation is set, you’ll know, and you’ll go on and help others on your path.”

One day when the gazing sessions were held outside on the luau grounds near the hotel, I went for the fourth time to feel Braco’s gaze. As we sat under the Hawaiian sun and breathed deeply, we were invited to stand up. He came on stage in his wrinkled white shirt, lop-sided lei and baggy pants. He stepped on to the platform and stood against the backdrop of the cyan-colored sea. Silent and gazing, simply standing there, looking at the 300 or so people standing tall and facing him. With all the intensity of an amiable uncle, he looked and allowed, without agenda, and we were each healed in our own way.

I stood for the five or so minutes he looked at us, then sat down when he left, listening to my heart under the luminous Hawaiian sun. I felt I was at a place where there was no death. I knew that if our thoughts are clear of negativity, pain, and fear, our lives are wholesome and good, and when we remember who we really are — interpenetrating high vibration pillars of delicious light — we spark goodness, health, positive movement, and a joyful light in each other.

I could imagine it however I wanted. Then I heard an inner voice, “There’s nothing to fear.” And the last link in the chain of pain fell away.

(Note: I am planning to go to San Francisco in early October to experience Braco for myself. I particularly like Marya Mann's reference to the "love field" that is created by Braco's presence. I believe that such a field, created by a mass of people all vibrating together in love and joyousness, can indeed heal those touched by its power. In other words, we can heal one another under the right conditions--but the "lightning rod" is needed to establish the field for the group, which creates an energy greater than any single one of us might be capable of producing on our own.)

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