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Monday, September 13, 2010

More on Braco by Marya Mann 

Brave New Braco ~ Energy Healing

KONA, HI ~ As we sped south along the coast to meet the superhealing gaze of Braco, I felt very alive, and reminded my skeptical self of the power of belief. From the first moment I heard about instantaneous healings in the presence of this humble man from Croatia, I was changed.

Word of his amazing gift preceded his arrival on the Big Island with people saying his gaze deep into their eyes had sparked new wellness, joy, and affirmation of life. “Even paralysis, allergies and tumors disappeared,” said Dr. Harald Wiesendanger, a German expert on healers who has published 28 books on miraculous healings.

The quickening of energy around Kona this last month mirrored my own, as more and more colleagues, students, and friends felt a sparkling sensation, an expectant euphoria that catalyzed remembrances of gazes past. I know the eyes of divine love. Osho, Trungpa Rinpoche, dancers from Bali, holy men from India, faith healers, compassionate writers, my own mother, my partner – they all have eyes that gaze on me with unconditional love and appreciation.

“You have to see this guy, though,” said my friends of the gentle Braco, (pronounced Brot-zo), “he’s different.” His nickname Braco translates from his native Croatian to ‘little brother,’ and “he strongly adheres to his conviction that you should never make a business with something, which you have been given as a present,” says Dr. Wiesendanger.

“He could have made millions by only charging a few Euro from each of his visitors, but his help is for free and he even does not want to accept donations. He has the knowledge of how to become a media-star, but he refuses to give any interviews.”

Ever since Kona author Angelika Whitecliff introduced Braco to Hawaii with her heartfelt book, 21 Days with Braco, the buzz about him had been growing. He’s phenomenal, a real miracle-worker, people said.


Dr. Green and I drove past the puffy white-fringed waves as the tide rolled in to our right, the turquoise sea crashing against dark lava rock formations. In the car, we spoke with enthusiasm about our belief that powerful healing energy exists, and that it can be shared through a touch, an intention, a story, and even a simple gaze.

“Don’t you think it’s a little risky though for so many people to place their trust in someone else’s hands?” I said. “It’s important to trust our own self-healing ability.”

“Could be, but I want people to trust me,” he said, “that my hands can help relieve their pain. . .”

“. . . which is what your chiropractic patients want,” I said. “But it’s still their inner perception that makes people open to trust, to being vulnerable, to letting the grace flow in.”

“Maybe he can activate a new and higher vibration,” he said. “That’s what I’ve heard.”

“I just want to evolve the love light in here, in my heart, so I don’t feel like I need to look for it in another person, or a pill, or a specific place, like Lourdes, or Fatima, or at the Sheraton Hotel in Keauhou.”

“You feel loving now, don’t you?” he asked.

“Now, yes. Yesterday, mostly, but there’s an alignment of spirit I want to feel all the time. LIke, Buddha, Mohammed, tribal Shaman, Hawaiian Kahuna, Christ, and Braco apparently, like all the tribal elders who’ve reached a kind spiritual or inner mastery and shown us what this alignment looks and feels like. I want that.

“You’re already pretty enlightened,” he said. “But maybe you have to fully trust and believe in another’s power first, so then you can fully believe in your own.”

“And here’s the real paradox. There’s no separation, really, at the spiritual level,” I said. “When our thoughts spread out into the environment, like now, going to see Braco, the environment shifts, altering the electron spin of atoms with our intentions. . .”

“. . . and his belief in perfect health is spreading out to us, even now.”

“I feel it. I’ve felt it all week, a powerful thought field. And our ability to feel and believe that he can heal is enhancing and evolving his ability and our healing.”

“I think we choose,” he said.

“I think we choose too. I’m a believer. I’ll believe unless proven otherwise,” I said.

So we made the trek with hundreds of other Big Islanders, as well as some who had flown in from the mainland, Canada, Sweden, and Australia. We had to go. We had to feel, to see, to hear, to sense, and to heal, for ourselves.

Arriving at the Sheraton, we bought $6 tickets and saw old friends, many of them dancers and musicians from our Dance for the Worlds group, others I hadn’t seen since Deva Primal and Miten’s concert. We easily made new friends as we waited in a sinuous line for the door to open, chatting and laughing, everyone cruising on the vibe of superhealing energy.

It felt like being at the Commune in India again, the light breeze carrying scents of plumeria along the late afternoon air. To see dozens of happy people helping other happy people to expand in the field of love was balm to my eyes, but there was still the skeptical part of me, a touch of doubt that ran neck and neck with my faith. I had been burned before, like everyone else, and sought communion with the holiest I AM, not a marketing scam.

Everywhere we looked there was a healing and heart-opening gaze, Pomaika’i, Alice, Bella, Alyssa, a pleasurable sweetness as everyone acknowledged the healing presence, the sacred eyes. I put on my sunglasses when the dappled light from trees above glared briefly, then took them off again. Oh, drat. I realized I had left my clear glasses in the car and only had my dark prescription shades for the viewing. We moved to the door.

Holy eyes! I thought as I locked gazes with Bernie who was taking tickets and hugging everyone. Ever the helpful volunteer for dance, talk, and community events, he had been fighting an illness, but his days with Braco, he said, made him feel immeasurably better. He was able to drive his own car again. Hurray!

When we entered the workshop space, more holy eyes as I was guided to a row of seats toward the back. There was a small platform on the stage for Braco to stand higher so everyone could see him well. After we sat down, Dr. Michael Salla, an international business consultant who was one of the hosts, reminded us of all the great masters who had given darshan. Darshan is the seeing or beholding of a deity. To receive darshan from a great saintly person, to see with reverence and devotion, is to behold a vision of the divine or to be in the presence of a highly revered person.

Granted, I feel we all should be worshipping each other. We could be chanting from the rooftops how great our neighbors are and how great it is that our partner or housemate or son put the laundry on the line and the food gets cooked and everybody is happy. But we have to somehow clear the channels to see the beauty beneath this sometimes chaotic surface. When we cleanse the mirror of the mind with every breath, the center of love appears.


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