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Monday, September 27, 2010

Patricia's latest portfolio 

Patricia's latest portfolio ( called "The Space Between") focuses on children. We see them in moments of delight, times of reflection--all the typical moods and responses of children.

It is a delightful collection. In times of distress (such as our own), many artists focus on the "shadow" rather than the sunshine, some apparently feeling that dealing with positive subjects is somehow an evasion of the "real world." But delight is also part of the "real world" and to ignore it is to offer an incomplete picture of the universe.

Certainly, we need such life affirming projects from the artists among us. Check out these photos for an experience of true affirmation, a reminder that children of all places and all times are sources of inspiration and joy.

Patricia's site is: http://www.patricialaydorsey.com

And--while you are there, check out her other portfolios as well, especially "Just Another Married Couple," a fascinating portrait of the daily lives of two male partners whose lives have been linked for many years. Their daily activities are much the same as those of any other couple--washing the dog, for example. Patricia created this series to help counteract all the negative propaganda put forth by some sources during the debate over gay marriage.

Another one of special interest (and fun) is called "The Blue Mirror," consisting of images of people viewing themselves in the mirror, a truly creative project.

Some writers see a connection between Kundalini and creativity, and Patricia's work seems to validate this theory.

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