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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ramakrishna's Song 

Here is Ramakrishna’s Song that he sang constantly

Become drunk, O mind,
with the wine of bliss.
Fall upon the sacred earth
weeping and chanting the holy Name.
Fill space with your lion’s roar,
whirling round and round,
both arms raised high,
giving away the mahamantra
to all conscious beings.
Transform limited desire
into the radiance of Krishna,
and swim night and day
in the wild sea of rapture.
The universe is now submerged
beneath waves of ecstatic love.

(from Lex Hixon, “Great Swan, Meetings with Ramakrishna”)

Ramakrishna (l836-l886) was a God-intoxicated saint from Bengal who remained in a constant state of ecstasy (divine union) throughout his lifetime. His life is an inspiration to many.

According to legend, the paramahamsa, or Great Swan, “can separate out the milk of Truth which has become diluted by the water of personal and cultural habits, opinions, and conventions. As the blissful sage proclaims: some persons have heard about the milk, others have seen the milk, while others have actually tasted milk. Still others can drink milk whenever they wish a can offer it freely to humankind.”
Lex Hixon

The ecstatic lover has burning faith in every Divine Manifestation--as formless Radiance, as various Forms or Attributes, as Divine Incarnations like Rama and Krishna, and as the Goddess of Wisdom, who is beyond form and formlessness, containing both in Her mystic Womb.
Ramakrishna, quoted by Lex Hixon

(Mandala from


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