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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Braco in Boulder 

Last Sunday, I attended a group viewing of Braco appearing in Los Angeles, sent via somethng akin to Skype. Unfortunately, technical problems prevented the viewing of the first session.

Then the next viewing began, and, though we had the video before us, we (or at least I) could not hear the sound. But, since Braco himself is silent, we got a close up view of his face during this session.

The image of Braco, cast on the wall, revealed a man serious, intent, concerned, and loving--just as he had appeared earlier in the flesh in San Francisco. But this time, my reaction was quite different. The result for me was one that frequently happens when deep emotions are brought to the surface--during certain workshops, massage sessions, even acupuncture treatment--one can become aware of unresolved issues, pressing into consciousness during this time of "opening."

As a result of this "unresolved issue" emerging into awareness, I spent a very uncomfortable night--with leg cramps, "burning nerves" throughout my body, and sleeplessness. But, despite my discomfort, I realized that this insight was in fact a boon, for only through unveiling those hidden emotions lurking under the surface, can healing occur. It is the same, for example, with psychotherapy, where one must face certain unpleasant truths and come to terms with them to improve.

The following days were quite wonderful. The sky was blue, the trees golden, and I felt energized and whole. The ultimate effect of Brazo's gazing was indeed beneficial.

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