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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Braco in San Francisco 

We were a bit anxious before the event. We had heard rumors of visa problems, and already two live appearances of this tour had been canceled, one in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and another in Mt. Shasta in California. Would Braco appear in person in San Francisco? Or would we be looking at an image projected electronically from some other site?

The visa problems were cleared, he was indeed there, and we all waited with great anticipation the appearance of this man of whom we had heard so much.

The session included a lengthy preliminary presentation, explaining who Braco was and what we might expect. We also saw a video about his life and work. The piece included various testimonials from those who had been healed or helped by Braco. One case was that of a woman whose brain tumor had first shrunk, then disappeared entirely, much to the bafflement of her doctors.

Then Braco appeared. He looked almost exactly like he does in his pictures and videos.

He mounted a couple of steps on stage, so that all could see him easily. We, the audience, had been asked to stand for the session.

As Braco began to gaze at the audience, I sensed a vey devoted, very spiritual, very tender and loving being. As for me, I found myself gazing at him with deep affection, sending love energy his way. And then I saw a clear light around his upper body. It appeared to have a thin rim of gold all around. The session ended after a few minutes and my friends and I went to lunch. The people coming out looked happy and I also felt this joy. And then I noticed that everything looked brighter, more beautiful than usual. It was a lovely feeling.

During the second session, I again saw light about his body, but this time it was a shade of purple (the color I typically see when I happen to be looking at someone on a stage.) His was a "medium" purple, playing about his face and also outlining his body with a deep purple "rim" down to the end of his shirt.

When we left, everything again looked sharper and more distinct. I felt at peace, for indeed I had participated in a field of love, created by a man who gazed at us with deep and serious intention, as if he were grieving slightly for the many ills of the world and wished to alleviate them through the gifts he possessed.

My improved vision lasted for a few days, until other experiences occurred that focused my attention elsewhere and shifted my state of consciousness.

I continued to feel exceptionally well after my return home. Of course, the beautiful weather, the glorious colors of fall--all helped to lift my spirits and my sense of well being.

I think that there should be more Bracos among us. We all need all the love and light in our lives, from all the sources we can discover. Love is in fact the answer, and we flourish when we partake of it.

Dorothy Walters
September 20, 2010

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