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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kundalini and the Full Moon 

Kundalini and the Full Moon

In the last several months, I have noticed that my own "bliss energies" seem to come into play during the time of the full moon, with little activity at other times. This month I noticed that nothing seemed to be happening, but the truth is that I did not feel well on October 23, the date given on the internet for the full moon this month.

But, voila!, all that changed this morning (I now felt quite well). Once again, the energies were quite pronounced, even as I got out of bed. I immediately did my standing"practice" (a combination of very slow arm and body movements) with great pleasure, although--as I have mentioned before--the inner feelings are now quite subtle, more like chi "brightening" the various centers, or perhaps like light playing through the body. This time, I felt the energies moving through the legs and lower chakras, as well as the hands and arms and the upper chakras (my more typical response.) Part of it--at the beginning---consisted of merely hip rotation accompanied by hands circling in front of various parts of the body, palms facing.

Everything, for me, is very simple, in terms of "what I do." For "what I do" is to follow the direction of the guide within, and again, I realized that the key is to let the guidance come from within, rather than to impose set patterns from without. My job is to show up and allow this guidance to lead me into an altered state. I have learned to do this in an awakening process that has now lasted for almost 30 years.

I followed this essentially "blissful" experience with a few simply chi gong stretches, and after an hour, expressed gratitude for the experience (which is not predictable, really) and dedicated my "meditation" to the benefit of all.

And, as usual, once I finished this standing meditation, my bliss vanished--I went back into "normal consciousness" and went about the business of the day.

(The photo above is one I captured during a quiet moment at the creek recently. For me, the tree represents the central channel of the body and the light surrounding it is the aura of the Kundalini energies themselves. It suggests as well that we must stay rooted in a balanced state while allowing the subtle energies to open and "play" fully around our physical forms.)

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