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Monday, October 25, 2010

UFO's and Aliens 

Interest in UFO's and aliens seems to be increasing exponentially. T. V. stations such as History International and PBS carry programs with the kind of information formerly found only on the "National Enquirer" and other such publications.

Part of the renewed interest has to do the release of certain classified documents by the government, which contain accounts of sightings by extremely credible witnesses (military pilots, commercial pilots and other trained observers.) We can now hear the actual air to ground transmissions of such sightings. Even one former astronaut had such an encounter in outer space.

The U.N. is ready to appoint a special ambassador to connect with the space travelers should they come forward. The city of Denver has a measure on the current ballot which would provide for further investigation of UFO phenomena. The Vatican has announced it accepts the reality of space aliens visiting planet earth, and says that these are also "our brothers." At a recent international conference on UFO sightings, the presenters included (among others) high placed officials of the governments of various countries, all of which had had many unexplained sightings.

These unknown craft seem to be especially interested in our own military sites connected to atomic weapons. In one report, several missile sites were disabled briefly while unidentified flying objects hovered overhead.

What are these unknown aircraft? Why are they here? Are they well intentioned or malevolent?

Some think they have come to help earth in its time of need. Others (including the famous physicist Stephan Hawking) think they have a more nefarious agenda--perhaps even possessing a plan to exploit or even take over our planet. And still others point to great deeds of construction and engineering of past ages as proof that earlier visitors from outer space were here to oversee such projects, which were clearly beyond the technical abilities of humankind at that point in history.

It is indeed as though the UFO phenomenon has captured the imagination of the world audience more than ever before. Are we being readied for a "special event," an encounter similar to that portrayed in movies and television shows? Should such an event occur, are we prepared mentally and psychologically for such an experience?

For some reason, I keep wondering if this "awakening moment" is in some unknown way connected to Kundalini. Both--UFO visitations and Kundalini awakening--involve dramatic shifts of consciousness. Both are connected to energy events. Are they both part of the current evolution of consciousness, a transformation whose time has come? Will our energies match that of the visitors when they arrive?

As always, YouTube offers several videos with valuable insights on this topic. The following website contains links to several of these, all offering special perspectives on the subject.


Check it out.

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