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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birds Flying (poem) 

No matter how advanced we are in our spirtual progress, we may from time to time experience sadness or a bit of depression. To deny this is to deny the human condition, which fluctuates from joy to grief, ecstasy to despair. The aim of such practices as meditation is to stabilize these states of consciousness, and maintain as much as possible a condition of balance.

Yet, even then, there may be temporary lapses into the "shadow" side of being. I think the trick is to find a way to release these feelings (rather than bottling them up), so that one may return quickly to balance.

For me, one of the most effective means of moving quickly through these "down periods" is to release them through writing. Here is a poem I wrote recently when I was feeling a bit "down," and it definitely provided the release I was seeking. One does not have to write poetry, of course. But you may wish to write in a journal, or even speak to a sympathetic listener or therapist, to rid your psyche of the depressed feelings and move on into a more positive attitude.

Birds Flying

It is not that I believe
or do not believe,
or comprehend
or do not comprehend,
but it is that
all my words
have flown away,
the ones I used
to explain things
in a private language
that only I understood.

I was told that for this
no language
was needed,
that the rush and thrill
of the coursing in the blood
was sufficient,
what remained
after this final awakening.

But then I was left here,
stranded on this shore,
the people casting and
pulling in their nets,
the birds flying and screaming
and I now invisible,
lacking words
to speak,
without a voice
to say the thing
that needed
to be said,
unseeable as air.

Dorothy Walters
November 13, 2010

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