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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Bodhisattva Returns (poem) 

Recently, I was looking at a journal that features a calendar of spiritual events, and was struck by the number of advertisements for myriad spiritual items and services. This widespread commercialization (and hence trivialization) of sacred matters is unfortunate, for it dilutes and betrays these most holy realities. I think that spiritual progress is not an item to be purchased in a store, or received from a superficial "for profit" teacher. True, bringing once hidden topics into wider awareness does serve an important purpose for it gives us access to much knowledge of extreme value. But one must exercise great caution in exploring the spiritual marketplace, for it is replete with false goods and inauthentic teachers.

The Bodhisattva returns to earth,
to view what is happening

Bodhisattva: One who through compassion foregoes personal nirvana (release from the round of birth and death) until all beings are so liberated.

Some have openings
in the head
and think they are

Others feel something stir
here or there within
and proclaim themselves
among the awakened.

Many focus on
personal concerns,
probing their issues,
believing they are
following the
deep path.

And still others
want to sell things,
naming them
holy objects,
and offer services
for a heavy price.

How is it
so many
are confused?
Wander in darkness,
mistaking it
for light?

Where is the true bodhisattva,
the one who gives all
and asks
nothing in return?

Dorothy Walters
November 12, 2010

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