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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Like Perfume 

Like Perfume

And at times
when you wake
the heart is singing.
And everything,
from the sweet drop
of honey
that falls into your tea
to your slightest gesture
is a pleasure reclaimed,
a joy you had forgotten.

Like that afternoon,
not long ago,
when I sat there
by the rushing stream,
the trees welcoming me
with opened arms
into this safe haven,
the grasses glowing
with a proud luster
as if they were preparing
for an autumn festival,
and I overcome with delight
that this little parcel
could be paradise.

Or even yesterday,
as I was walking out
to breakfast,
an odor like perfume
or precious powder
enfolding me,
nothing I had ever
experienced before,
I thought it
was from the wake
of the young man passing,
like the spreading wings
of water after
a boat passes,
but it continued
even when he strode
far ahead,
like a beckoning,
signal from that other world,
aroma of what it is
we long for,
the place we yearn to be.

Dorothy Walters
November 22, 2010

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