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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Major Kundalini site 


At last, Kundalini is coming out of the closet. The above link is to a site that has developed a documentary on Kundalini, with experts from various fields participating as the "cast" of the DVD. So far, only the trailer and a list of those included in the "cast" are posted (at least that I could discover.) Tami Simon, publisher of "Sounds True", acts as the narrator. And, each bio of the participating speakers includes a reference to their own websites and publications. Check them out.

This is the moment we have been waiting for for so long. Although Kundalini has many, many websites dedicated to it as a subject, this is a rare film, perhaps the first (don't know for sure) to be dedicated to it in documentary form. I await with eagerness for the full DVD to be available. I will keep you posted on the release date.

But--I will have to confess--I have mixed feelings about this release. Part of me longs for the "old days" when Kundalini was an esoteric practice confined to a few solitary souls scattered here and there, engaging in exquisite bliss and deep connection to Source. It is essential that this knowledge now be shared with the "multitudes," but, as with all such endeavors, there is danger of "spiritual dilution" as people at various stages of development learn of this once secret realm.

However, one of the speakers says that all you can take with you when you leave the planet is a developed Kundalini. Let us hope that this production will benefit many who are following a Kundalini path and yearn for connection and support along what too often seems an unbearably solitary way.

Viva la Kundalini! May it bring joy and affirmation to all who approach with love and reverance

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