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Friday, November 19, 2010

Poem by Janeshwar 


I offer homage to the god and the goddess

The infinite parents of the world

The lover out of boundless love Has become the beloved

Both are made of the same silks and share the same food

Out of love for each other they merge and part for the joy of being two

They sit together on the same ground in the same garment of light

From endless time they have lived this way in union and in bliss

Without the goddess he is not and because of him she exists

It is God alone in every form the male and the female Shiva and Shakti

From the union of these two the universe has come to be

Two lutes, one note

Two lamps, one light

Two eyes, one sight

Two lips, one word

Two hearts, one love

In this way these two create one universe

The lover out of boundless love has become the beloved

Embarrassed by his formlessness and her own graceful form

She adorned him with a universe of myriad names and forms

In unity there is little to behold

But the playful Shakti has presented all the riches of the world

While Shiva sleeps she is giving birth to all things

Living and non-living

And when she rests her husband disappears

When he hides himself he can't be found without her grace

They are mirrors to each other

When he embraces her it is own bliss that he enjoys

Shiva the enjoyer of all, can find no joy without her

She is his form and her beauty comes from her lover

And in their merging they enjoy this feast feast together

Shiva and Shakti are the same

Like musk and its fragrance

Or gold and its luster

Embracing each other they merge into one

As darkness and light at the breaking of the dawn

The lover out of boundless love has become the beloved

And when the time of dissolution comes

The ocean and the river merge into the primal water

And the air and its motion merge in the universal air

And the sun and its brilliance merge in the elemental fire

And while trying to see Shiva and Shakti

Both I and my vision disappeared

Like the wood that gives itself onto the fire

And the river that gives itself onto the sea

When my ego is out I become Shiva and Shakti

Janeshawar (also known as Jnandev or Jnanadeva) was a devoted Indian saint who lived in India from about 1275 to 1296. Though he only lived 22 years, he was a major contributor to early Indian sacred literature.

Here he is writing about the sense of Oneness or Union with the Beloved. Does his writing suggest Kundalini in its most intense and sacred form, when Lover and Beloved indeed become one.

(Image from mysticrebels.com/poet.htm)

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