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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A book on childhood trauma 

The issue of childhood suffering and abuse is central to the spiritual journey. Until these wounds are healed, spiritual seekers will encounter many, many blocks and challenges on their journeys. This is especially true of Kundalini. I believe that unresolved childhood issues are a major source of problems when Kundalini awakens.

Babara Harris Whitman (a dear friend of mine) is an authority on this topic. Her book on this subject has just been published. The endorsement is by Lawrence Edwards, Ph. D., who is the president of the board for the Kundalini Research Network.

Although I have not read this book, I am sure that it contains much extremely valuable information.

Victim to Survivor and Thriver: Carole's Story
Hope for survivors of childhood trauma, abuse or neglect
by Barbara Harris Whitfield and commentaries by Charles L. Whitfield, MD
Muse House Press Atlanta GA
Available on Amazon and where ever books are sold

"Barbara Harris Whitfield makes a deceptively easy read of such deep, complex, and rich material on the profound healing that takes place as a person moves from the horrors of victimhood to the glory of thriving in their true and authentic Self. She does this with her characteristic loving heart and genuine connectedness to the pain and suffering these dear souls have gone through, without loosing the vision and truth of how they can be free of that pain and live a joyous, creative life. This book can be a great help to professionals, to people who have been abused and to the spouses or children of those who have been through the dark sea journey of abuse. There is Light here to help survivors shine!"

Lawrence Edwards, Ph.D., LMHC, BCN
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Integrative Care Program Manager
New York Medical College Faculty, Dept. of Family Medicine

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