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Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Walk 

A Christmas Walk

The Creek

The water, ruffling outward from the banks:
wanton patterns in a repeated dance.

Stone hieroglyphics lining the bottom:
ready to speak to any discerning observer.

The smell of winter grass and barren shrubs
in the wooded section nearby.


Demure stone mosaics filling rectangles and
squares: sidewalk plots where flowers once flourished.

Stores with eyes shut tight:


In the outer lobby:
suddenly the milky smell
of my mother’s hand lotion (Jergen's),
so long ago.

The Santa doll
suspended on my neighbor’s door downstairs:
red gown, tousled white hair and twirling beard.

The elevator ascending: masculine scent of
woodsmoke and tweeds.


The friendly warmth of welcome:
The mountains in the distance
shouldering the sky
against the dying sun.

Dorothy Walters
December 25, 2010

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