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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Debra Silverman, astrologer 


Debra Silverman, a dear friend of mine, is an extremely gifted astrology. She is able to read your chart in a remarkably perceptive manner, letting you know your strengths and weaknesses as well as your life purpose. She has read for many famous people, including Madonna and Sting. A frequent visitor on radio talk shows, she now has her own radio program on Tuesday afternoons at 5 p.m. Pacific time. During this show, people call in with questions and Debbie answers with truly impressive accuracy. Go to http://www.debrasilvermanastrology.com/scheduled-events-summary/ to link to live streaming of this broadcast.

On her website (www.Debbrasilvermanastrology.com) she includes not only information about her workshops and readings, she presents an amazing sequence of "vignettes" in which she acts out the character of each astrological sign. These are truly impressive (and fun to watch). She nails the various types, with their quirks and talents, with great accuracy and compassion.

To see her in action is to witness a rising star coming into her own. She is also one of the most loving and generous folks I know. Check her out.

Below is a copy of her newsletter (that you can sign up for.)

On the Radio: Live Readings Life in 12 Flavors: Capricorn Feature: Transformation~Pluto in Capricorn Upcoming Workshops & Events Aquarius: You're Up Next Your Stories Your Questions


Welcome 2011~ and all this high voltage Capricorn energy.

Things are moving very fast in my neck of the woods as this New Year begins. A new weekly radio show, two January workshops, a new compatibility product, and my long awaited first book are all lining up... like the planets. I am loving this time to connect with you through my newsletter and keep you tickled at life and all its possibilities.

Let's talk soon~ Debra

Live Radio Readings

Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific! 425-373-5527

Now you can get a weekly dose of your favorite astrologer, haha, that's me. I am doing live readings for you and your friends, so be sure to call me! The station number is 425-373-552. You can listen live to the program in Seattle on 1150AM or on your computer by clicking the Link on my website. Click for the Radio Connection.

Many years ago I hosted a radio show in Vancouver, BC and loved it. So this is exciting to be back on the air. Call in, let's talk. If you have questions about relationships, money, career, family, kids, business, the line is open for your call. First show is January 11, 2011 (1-11-11) at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern.

Life in 12 Flavors

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20

It's a very significant time for you, Capricorn. There are several major transits going on for you right now and the affect of them will definitely be felt during these few weeks of Capricorn, but the cosmic influence is going to continue as Pluto transits Capricorn for the next 14 years...

Capricorn is the most sophisticated of the three Earth signs, Taurus and Virgo among them. You have an appreciation for doing things the best and you have high standards for yourself and others. If the world were run your way, everything would be on time, it would be organized and you could count on people to do what they say they will.

You have an attachment to being in control and are uncomfortable with being vulnerable. Your tendency is to be stoic, work things out yourself and be strong. (I can see you nodding on that one.)

With Pluto's influence it is the exact opposite. It comes in and radically changes your world and demands that you release control. The construct of how you hold reality is going to shift and change, if it hasn't already. I just want to encourage you not to misinterpret this feeling. Nothing is wrong. It's exciting when you can be aware that there is a big change in store for you and that you are okay.

You are learning to let go, and doing what you are meant to do. And it's not going to be comfortable, but there's nothing wrong. You can't hide; you have to be ruthlessly honest. And just pull in and go quiet. When everything starts to feel off, you can just nestle in and feel guilt free.

If you would like more information about the timing of Pluto in your personal birth chart, schedule a private reading and we can talk about what influences you can expect and when.

Pluto Impacts the Structure of the World We Know

(aka Pluto Transits Capricorn)

The astronomers may have downgraded Pluto from its status of a "planet", but in astrological terms Pluto still packs a punch. Pluto entered Capricorn in November 2008, ushering in transformation on a universal scale, affecting everyone on earth. (The bank bailout and restructure hit the headlines about that time...)

If you have any doubt about Pluto's energy, here's a bit of history: the last time Pluto was in Capricorn, it was 1778 and we were fighting the Revolutionary War. This is the energy that helped fashion a new reality--America. Get the picture? Pluto is poised to transform our society and our world. And Pluto will be with us for some time.

In order to understand why we'll witness such massive upheaval and change in the coming years, we need to know the players... read more [ Count on Big Change with Pluto ]

Upcoming Events

JAN 23 - Beginner Astrology Workshop - A day long intensive on the nuts and bolts of Astrology. You'll learn an overview of the Elements, the zodiac signs, the planets, the houses and the aspects. You'll have lots of personal insights as you utilize your birth chart to explore the topics I cover. This is an intimate workshop held in my home and class size is limited.Astrology Class information...

FEB 5 - Beginner Tarot Reading Workshop - A day long exploration into the 78 cards of the Tarot deck and their relationship to the wisdom of Astrology. You will learn the meaning of the cards and how to use them as a divination tool. You will be supported in opening up your intuition and gaining experience with these Tarot symbols of consciousness. Class size is limited and the workshop is held in my home. Tarot Class information...

Private Readings - Looking for some personal insights to what is going on in your life and how you can make sense of it. Having relationship issues, challenges with your children or family, wanting to make a career change, a relocation, health concerns... you can gain valuable insight and perspective with a private reading. 30 and 45 minute sessions are available.Book a Reading here and Lisa will contact you.

JAN 26 - Sun Sign Social Network - Calling all Aquarius. Every month I gather guys and gals of the same zodiac sun sign for an informal group conversation and reading. It's a remarkable validation for your unique qualities and characteristics. I use your personal birth chart to chat about the traits you have in common as a sun sign. It's fun, it's insightful and for Aquarius, it's sure to be brilliant, and probably a bit unusual. Register to attend the telephone gathering and I'll send you the call details. Register for Aquarius call...

Tell Me Your Story

"Thank you so much for your words on the eclipse. It was extremely powerful for me, very intense like electricity through my body. I had great insights into another layer of an old pattern that my friend Pluto is helping me put to rest. What a ride...

I also was able to learn more about how to relay the info to the person. I tend to talk too much planets and signs and most likely loose them in these details. Your readings are truly an art piece. I was able to really experience this more than ever. Thank you again for all your wonderful wisdom and support for me this year."

A true gift of words.

~ Lindsey

I love to hear your stories. If a private reading, a personal intensive or a workshop affected you and your relationships, please let me know. Making a difference in your life and the lives of others is the heart and soul of my work. Share your story here

Ask Me a Question

"Can you predict things with Astrology?"

As an esoteric astrologer, I am less interested in the future, and more interested in your soul's purpose and the here and now. As a therapist, I really am looking at the current issues that trigger you. There are astrologers that focus on prediction and are quite good at it. I do some of that to give you perspective and timing in your life, but those details are typically not my focus. Are you going to meet the man of your dreams or other... Click to watch the video answer

Have a question? This is your opportunity to "Ask theAstrologer"! Just send me your question on the Contact Formand I'll answer it in next month's newsletter... plus, I'll post it on the website.

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