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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

DNA, Aliens, and Human Development 

Yesterday, I posted an article by Deepak Chopra describing research that suggests that DNA imprints can be transmitted to water across space (see excerpt printed below, for those who missed the original).

I want to take this conclusion a step beyond--a big step indeed, but I think that all of us at this time need to put our heads together and consider all possibilities, no matter how outrageous.

Here is my thought: Some people have posited that humans are the result of genetic modification conducted on our species by alien space visitors many centuries ago. Indeed, it seems that at one time long ago there was a sudden burst in "civilized" activities--it was as if new information suddenly flowed in from some unknown source, bringing a renewed capabilities in building, science, governance and other areas--particularly in ancient Sumeria.

Now, I have no idea if this theory is correct or not, but I do find it intriguing. Somehow we "suddenly" became what we think of as "human," no longer the less developed creatures of our ancestry.

I have often wondered how such DNA manipulation might have occurred (assuming it took place).

So here is my speculation: If DNA imprints can be sent across space to water through electric energy, why not to humans? We are, after all, composed to a great extent of water. Space vehicles appear to be propelled by mysterious energy fields. So--you see where this is going.

I am not saying I believe any of my posited theory. But right now, when amazing things are happening in many quarters, I think every possibility should be put on the table for consideration. After all, something happened to our species to set it apart in obvious ways from our fellow inhabitants of the planet (including previous versions of ourselves.)

There is something about Kundalini that involves resonance with energetic fields, which appear to be (or at least feel like) external sources. Do those who undergo spontaneous Kundalini awakening (as well as those who demonstrate "unusual" psychic capacities) possess DNA in which certain strands are activated more than comparable segments of their fellows? I don't know, but I like to speculate on such esoteric possibilities.

Here is the excerpt from Deepak Chopra that started my speculations on DNA and human capacity.

The scientific world went into spasms last week when a Nobel laureate announced that he had, in effect, teleported DNA. That was the sound bite, but of course the story was more complicated. A French team headed by Luc Montagnier, previously known for his work on HIV and AIDS, took two test tubes, one of which contained bacterial DNA, the other pure water. After the test tubes were surrounded by an electrical current, analysis showed that an imprint of the DNA was detectable in the water.

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