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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Visitors 


(These are thought to be aliens in space suits--found in Ecuador. Image from
Ecuador--found on Crystalinks site.)

The Visitors

They will be coming soon.
I have spoken this, sung this in melody,
let the words fall from my mouth.
No one knows
the time
or the hour.
No one can tell how they will let us know
when they arrive.

We have been waiting
for so many years.
We have prepared ourselves
with rituals and prayers,
incense and cleansing.

We have sacrificed ourselves
in language and acts,
have made obeisance
through our ceremonies.

We held close to our legends,
the telling of how it was
when they were with us,
before they vanished,
swept back into the sky
like the fire of retreating funnel clouds,
leaving nothing behind
but their monuments,
their pictures inscribed
on the rock faces below,
the stories told
by the fire.

Dorothy Walters
January 14, 2011

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