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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Aromatherapy, Auras, Subtle Body 

My investigation into aromatherapy as an access to the subtle body continues. This morning, once again, I circled each chakra holding my 'Meditation Oil" bottle from a distance of 4-5 inches, and once again each chakra was awakened as bliss. I have often something similar (but not awakening the chakras) without the aid of the herbal essence, and have simply assumed I was "stroking the aura." So--is this the same or is it something different? I don't know and wish--as always--I had someone to explain all of this for me.

And--as once or twice before--I started with the lower chakras and worked my way up--something I never could do in the past (just followed the energies wherever they led). I was especially glad that the throat chakra opened (place of difficulty in past years). But had little luck with the heart chakra--long a point of difficulty. The energies got softer as I progressed upward--and I didn't feel much in the third eye and little or nothing at the crown.

Whatever this is, it is quite wonderful. I think it is part of the "expansion of consciousness" that is happening to so many these days. I believe still in Rupert Sheldrakes' theory of "morphic resonance"--this theory posits that once an energy field gets established, more and more will participate in it with greater ease. I now have two old friends (from a small circle of truly close and beloved folk) who are beginning to experience K. awakening. I think that somehow their knowing me and observing my process has given them encouragement to "go and do likewise." Probably that is part of my assignment--to be an encouraging example for others to follow this path.

What a lucky gift, to be allowed to participate in such a wondrous 'evolution of consciousness."

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