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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Aromatherapy--a different experience

This morning I tried a new aromatherapy essence, this time a blend of frankincense and amber.  I had picked it out at Whole Foods, when I was sampling the different "testers."  Most of them had no attraction for me, but this one stood out.

As I held it in front of my nose (at home), and also as I moved it in circles a over my body a few inches away, I felt the same stirrings in my energetic field as with the previous "Meditation Oil" out of Australia.  This one carried even more delicate odors and feelings, all with a totally delicate aroma.

I had concluded earlier that frankincense was the likely stimulant in the original mixture, and so it seemed like a confirmation of my theory when this combination worked in much the same way, only somewhat more subtle in its effects.

If anyone wants to test it, it might be in your Whole Foods store or some other aromatherapy outlet.   It is called simply Frankincense/Amber and is distributed by Inesscents (aromatic botanicals ) in Cave Junction, Oregon, 541-597-2799   www.inesscents.com

My feeling is that the effect has as much to do with the state of your own energy body as the scent itself.
(P. S. And, lest anyone think I go around in a cloud of perpetual bliss, I need to add that I have chronic upper back pain from an "eroded" vertebra.  I think I have concentrated so much on the subtle body that I have neglected the physical body, to my regret.  So let me be an example to others--both bodies are important, and do not favor one over the other, but nourish both.

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