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Tuesday, May 01, 2012



Some do it quickly,
like making love over
a short noon break,
lightning flash of illumination,
bursting nova
in the brain.
Others take their time,
are sensuous,
thoughtfully absorbing for years
the soft rays of love,
relishing each one.
Others try to follow a book
with its stages
and diagrams,
but they get lost
between the
many charts
and prescriptions.
Who wants to
try to remember
how to breathe in a certain way
or count the petals of a lotus flower
making love?
Best to let it happen
in its own manner,
a sly spirit
winking down
from the ceiling,
a serious lover
come to call
when least expected.

Dorothy Walters
from "The Ley Lines of the Soul, Poems of Ecstasy and Ascension"

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