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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Feast

Water is crying out
for a thirsty man
and the Invisible is food
longing for a hungry guest.

The seeker thinks
she is the one
pursuing the divine banquet,
following the secret aromas
to the scented

But the Beloved is
already there,
invisible host,
biding her time
until the seeker
is ready,
spreading the table
when the famished pilgrim
for a moment
turns attention away.

Then the host will offer
the irresistible morsel
and two will become one,
each nourishment
for the other
in a feast
that never ends.

Dorothy Walters
May  11, 2012

(The first lines of this poem are from Rumi. The  photo was sent to me by a friend without any indication of the source.  It is titled "The Peacock in Flight," or "The Phoenix in Flight.")

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