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Monday, May 07, 2012

Heart of Darkness; Heart of Light

The following piece was written (received) by MIchael Black, a wizard/mystic/healer who lives in northern California.

The Heart of Darkness is a misnomer, a cipher.  No, what enshrines and envelops your magnificent beings is an utterly brilliant Heart of Light.  That’s who and what you each really are.  Now, picture journeying to a Medieval tower which houses a magnificent laboratory.  Imagine yourself lying on a table and awaiting receipt of your true heart.  You’ve gone without it for Oh so long, and during this Ascension time, it’s the moment to receive your true heart back!

You’ve entered the wizard Merlyn’s alchemical laboratory.  Invite him to replace within your prone physical body what he’s been safekeeping for millennia?  Watch as he walks toward you, hands and arms outstretched, carrying something precious.  Looking up and over, what you see are two hands alright, but fingers which cradle something that’s giving off enormous shafts of light.  It’s as though you’re walking at daybreak through a magnificent forest, watching, entrained, as immense shafts of light begin visibly streaming through nearby towering trees.  Only this time, these very same shafts are emanating from and penetrating between his arched fingers, bathing everything around you with illumined brilliance.

Looking down at you, broadly beaming, he says: “Here, I’ve been holding this for you for a very long time!  It’s time you had it back!”  You watch and feel as your etheric Heart of Light is returned to your “Tin Man” chest.  Tears well up as your joyful reunion ensues.  For millennia you’d agreed to walk without it; but now, all that’s been rescinded and been utterly overridden by new instructions. Upon being reunited with your “Lion heart,” those attending you place your right hand upon your heart.  You suddenly feel the
brilliance within in contrast to the darkness which just preceded it.  Awash in light, living and breathing only light, you’ve been returned home again to All-That-Is, from the inside out.

You look upon your compassionate attendants and companions with love and the deepest gratitude.  It is done!  You carry your home within, once again, after having traversed—as all empaths must—the Heart of Darkness.  You’ve entered a new country, that’s all, one now characterized by enormous internal light.  From here on out, you’ll walk through this world casting immensely long, loving shafts of light so that others, too, might be capable of reclaiming their birthrights?

The Time of Ascension emanates from your hearts.  If the old one has gone cold due to separation and fear, why not overwrite that story with one that now serves you, together with an Ascending Earth?   You’ve walked alone for long enough in this and myriad other lifetimes.  It’s no matter.  Reclaim the star that is at the core of your physical and subtle body being.  Reclaim your soul star that you may begin sharing your light over your overwritten darkness.  Walk on in deepest gratitude, joy and wonder that you’ve agreed to journey from a Heart of Darkness to one of Light, and feel blessed!  This is your time to rise and shine, that’s all!  Shine on, Heart of Light, shine on!

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