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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kundalini and a Feeling of Isolation

After we experience our awakening, after we have come to realize that we are different from whatever we were before, we may feel a deep need to share our most extraordinary experience with others.  But often we discover that others--our families, our most trusted friends, even our partners--may not  comprehend what we are telling them--and they may look at us in bewilderment, as if we had announce we had just flown up to heaven on the back of an angel or else suddenly had the power to raise the dead.  So--many of us shut down at this point, and keep our thoughts and descriptions to ourselves.

Fortunately in today's world topic that were once viewed with total suspicion are now more or loess in common currency.  There is a yoga studio on every other corner, spiritual teachers abound on youtube or websites, and even the work "Kundalini" brings up thousands of references on googld

Still, it is a lonely journey, especially for those who have no "spiritual buddies," persons to confide in and perhaps share experiences with.  You have made a "paradigm leap" to a new level of experience, and many can only watch and wonder at what new experiences you may be having.  Some of your experiences may seem quite esoteric to others--such as feeling electric currents shock your body, or the ability to smell wondrous odors or see and hear at great distances.

You are now undergoing deep transformation, physical, mental, and spiritual.  You are becoming a "new person" in every sense.  Since you are (likely) not in an ashram, you may have no trusted guide to lead you and kindred souls to interact with you.  And you may be---wisely, I think-- wary of trusting your process to some unknown "authority figure," who may or may not be authentic.

What can you do in your solitary state?  First, remember that God (the divine guru within, the infinite, the Beloved) is always with you and you can ask for help if you need it.  You can even talk with your Kundalini, and ask it to slow down if it is unfolding too fast.

And you can actively search for like minded buddies.  Go to various spiritual gatherings where these are likely to be found, and try to make friends with like minded souls.

Check out the many resources now available on youtube--check out the teachers and gurus, and listen closely to those who resonate with you.  A good place for this is "Buddha at the Gas Pump," a site you can access free of charge, with many worthy teachers represented.  Also, I have been told that the home web site for Batgap contains much back and forth discussion, with contributions from persons coming from many perspectives.

And remember, that as your journey progresses, you will doubtless be more at ease with your new state and you will discover how to "live in the world and out of it."

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