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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kundalini and Responsibility

Sometimes, after we have experienced our Kundalini awakening, we feel a great sense of responsibility, as if a huge gift has been given to us and we must find a way to compensate for it.  We wonder if we are now someone "greater" than before, someone expected to perform in the world at a higher level.

Yes, Kundalini is a great gift and, ultimately, it is possible that we can function at a higher level.  But our initial task is to let things settle, to allow the new energies and unfamiliar perspectives to "settle in," to assimilate into our pre-existing psychological/neurological/emotional/physical systems.   Our concern is not to let these new sensations to overwhelm us--to do this we must, so to speak, relax into our new"selves," to allow integration to take place.  Instead of rushing about, we should spend time alone and in quiet communing with our newfound capacities.  We should seek to be whole, not scattered.  This is a good time to be in nature, to speak quietly with a few trusted friends, to listen to music and engage in simple tasks, so as not to overburden the system.   It is also good to keep a journal during this first (and later) phase, to release feelings and emotions and have a historical record of our progress.

But it is true that we also have a responsibility to "return the gift," in whatever way is best suited for us.  We may forsake our old occupations and interests and build on something totally new.  We may simply use our familiar talents to create at a different level.  We may pursue our artistic or literary talents in a new way.  We may engage in new charitable pursuits.  Some will study to become healers or teachers of sacred practice.  Some will pour their efforts into performances associated with divine connection.  Some will create new and exciting websites, utilizing the internet to sacred purposes.

But, again, do not hurry the process.  Do not rush out and start "healing" people just because you have felt a few energy rushes in your body.  Do not begin to hold "satsang" with yourself at the center because you have grasped a few elementary insights.  Wisdom and healing capacities need, like good wine, time to ferment and blend.  Then when the grapes are ready, the harvest will come.

You will know which is best for you. It will feel "right" and give you pleasure, for you will know at a deep level that you are doing what you are supposed to be doing at this stage in your life.

This new path may not be apparent at the very beginning, but it will unfold with time.  Let it proceed at its own pace and honor it as another sacred gift when it comes.

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