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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sasanna and Puram Bair in Boulder 

This particular workshop looked especially interesting, especially in light of its basic premise: what is needed is for all of us to "occupy our heart" and thus find the way out of the great issues now facing our globe.  Two videos are available also which offer the primary flavor of this duos approach.

Join Susanna in Boulder this JUNE!   * * * A portion of the proceeds will be donated
to ISSSEEM for each person who registers and mentions ISSSEEM!!   * * *  THANKS
Puran and Susanna Bair
were awarded the ISSSEEM  Alyce and Elmer Green Award for pioneering advances in
the science of subtle  energies, manifesting spirit in matter, and investigating
states of the  heart in its many dimensions.

June 9, 2012: Day 1
The Integral Center, 2805 Broadway, Boulder, CO  Map [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?
9 for one person, $49 for two
(Day 1 can be taken without Day 2)
The world is going through a catharsis,  which affects us all. This is a great opportunity
for each one of us to  transform ourselves, thereby affecting the whole. How do
we do that? By  occupying our heart. Through four particular spiritual practices
we  will move into our hearts, exploring relationships, meaning and purpose,  and
joy and love. By renewing ourselves and occupying our heart fully  and completely,
we create the spiritual reconstruction of this world.

All the problems we're experiencing in the world are due to a lack of spiritual
realization. Religious  wars, greed and corruption, government stalemate, financial
collapse,  unsustainable agriculture, ecological disasters, are all symptoms of
the  need for a spiritual reconstruction: a paradigm shift in the  relationship
between the individual and the universe.

By  occupying your Heart, you become stronger and clearer, moving into that  inner
place that holds your resources and your source of renewal.

What  will you take away from this seminar? A four-way spiritual practice  that
can be done daily in 20 minutes that will affect your whole heart,  focusing on:

1. your identity and how you understand your individuality
2. your relationships with others
3. your work, career, accomplishments, and the very purpose of your life
4. bringing spiritual renewal through reconnecting your heart to the Source
Our aim is to heal and integrate all aspects of the self so that we can assist in
the spiritual reconstruction of the world.

This  workshop will be led by Susanna Bair, co-founder of IAM Heart and  co-author
of Follow Your Heart, Living from the Heart, and Energize Your  Heart. Susanna is
a European mystic, a master teacher of the Culture of  the Heart, and is recognized
as a spiritual leader in Universal Sufism.
Click here to register for Occupy Your Heart Boulder
  Day 1 in Boulder, Colorado

June 10, 2012: Day 2
2128 E. 101st Way, Thornton, CO 80229
$199 for one person (Day 1 is required)
Day  2 takes you deeper into your heart with individualized attention from  Susanna.
You will experience four additional practices using sound which  will help you occupy
your heart with a new kind of power.
Day 2 is a limited space event -- as of now, there are 11 spaces left. Register
now for your opportunity to study closely with this wonderful Sufi master.

Click here to register for Occupy Your Heart Boulder
   Day 2 in Thornton, Colorado

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