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Friday, May 18, 2012

Some Musings about the Rapture

As everyone knows. certain groups assert that before too long there will be a global annihilation, but that those who are properly prepared will escape being obliterated, but instead will be "raptured" bodily into heaven.  It is further postulated that those who are "left behind" will be astonished and dismayed, where persons close to them simply vanish before their eyes.

I wish to offer a counter thesis.  First of all, it posits that the "ascension" is not of a physical nature, but rather pertains to the vibratory field of the persons involved (not an original idea).  Once this person's vibrations are lifted to a certain level, he/she (as a vibrating entity) is virtually invisible to those around him/her.

Think of the following scenario:  Someone experiences massive Kundalini awakening, either spontaneously or gradually over time.  He/she then discovers that "they" are now virtually members of a new species, a different race with a sensory/nervous system much altered from the past.  When they try to explain to others this difference of perception, they are met with disbelief or--even worse--suspicion or accusations of "having lost it."    For all intents and purposes, this "new self" has vanished to the perception of those still caught in the old consciousness.  Often the new state involves episodes of deep rapture.  That is to say, this person has in fact been "raptured up," lifted to a new level of awareness  as a result of the  raising of their vibrational field.

Now, I should add, that most do not exist perpetually in heightened state of consciousness.  We are perhaps already involved in a new stage in the evolution of consciousness, and the "first models" will likely have problems that will gradually fade as the new consciousness spreads.

I do not mean to present the above as solid fact.  Rather they are interesting speculations to be reflected on and considered as possible but not provable.  What do you think?

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