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Friday, June 15, 2012

Common Themes in Kundalini Awakening

This morning, I received an e-mail from a young seeker who has recently undergone spontaneous kundalini awakening.  Although each experience is unique in the fullest sense of the word, there are certain themes or motifs that often appear as linking threads or parallels.  This particular writer underwent sudden, unexpected  awakening, with the energies shooting from the base to the crown with much infusion of love and bliss ("like an orgasm but much better" because of the various levels of the self that were involved.)  Like many, she feels called upon to awaken the world to this new reality which she has discovered, and longs for some kind of scientific verification of her experience so that the world itself will accept kundalini as a valid part of the human  repertoire.

Here is what I wrote back to her:

I have read your account with interest.  Each one undergoes a special and unique experience, but there are some common elements, and I recognize some of these stages in your narrative.  Yes, there is a time of preparation--when we sense that something big is going to happen in our lives, but don't yet know what that is.  Yes, there is a sense of something like a death that occurs--the death of the 'old self" to prepare for the birth of the new being.  The energies shooting up from the base to the crown is somewhat unusual, but it definitely can happen (this was my own experience).  The sense of limitless bliss and the blinding white light are also signs of kundalini awakening.  The sense of unity and oneness--this is the classic mystical perception, one that the saints describe and other mystics also experience.  As for the fear of sharing your story with others, many, many feel this.  You have, in effect, been catapulted to a new level of awareness--a true quantum leap.  Whatever you were before, you are not that now--and how could others--who have not had such experiences--understand what is happening to you?
As for scientific studies and evidence, there is, as far as I know, very little information on this score.  I happen to be researching this topic at present, and so far the best I have found is the article called "The Yogic Brain," that is included in the anthology from SoundsTrue called "Kundalini Rising."  (Perhaps you already know this book.)  Newberg cites evidence of brain scan research on meditators of various traditions and strongly suggests that similar research on kundalini might well show evidence that certain parts of the brain are activated by the awakening of kundalini.  However, he points out that there is no known scientific device that can account for the sudden and complete awakening of the entire nervous system all at once.  You could also look at "Kundalini and scientific research" on google and see if you find any thing helpful there.
Like you, I longed for someone to study me when I had my own experience, now 30 years ago, but I found  no one who was interested.  And I know of no one or group who does such research today.  Oddly, Kundalini itself is becoming more widespread over the globe, and yet it still is more or less ignored by science (to my knowledge).
My suggestions for you are to, first, not try to rush this  process or its unfolding.  Know that many are involved--across the globe--in a similar experience, which some see as part of the process of planetary awakening and possibly even the next stage in the evolution of consciousness.
Allow yourself time to integrate and balance.  Let the "new self" and the "old self" get used to one another--allow a foundation to build.
Remember that the process of awakening the earth to this new reality is an assignment now carried by many--and we are expected to do only as much as we are capable of.
Finally, I suggest you could profit by reading some of the books now currently available, including my own.  Some of these are poetry, but they grow directly out of my own k. awakening experience and will speak to many of your own experiences.  All are available from Amazon and are listed on my blog (www.Kundalinisplendor.blogspot.com).  Note especially "Unmasking the Rose, A Record of a Kundalini Initiation".  This is my own account of a lengthy process of adjusting, and you will recognize many of these experiences as similar to your own.  Like you, I kept a journal, and this book is based on those entries.
Good luck on your journey.  You can let me know if you have more questions.
Namaste, (I honor the divine in you) and congratulations on the beginnings of a wonderful adventure.

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