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Friday, June 22, 2012

On the Reality of Angels

"As symbols of grace and gentle encouragement, they can offer us comfort as they enfold us in their wings or lift our spirit as they take flight. We may be warmed by their glow, guided by their gentle nudges or inspired by their whispers in our ears. We may hear the name of our angel and feel a personal connection, but it isn’t necessary. All they need is to be heard, to see us benefit from their guidance and perhaps to hear a word of thanks sent their way every now and then. Whether they appear in the guise of a helpful stranger, or as a thought that suddenly occurs to us, angels are our loving guides from the spiritual realm, who with a brush of their angelic wings help us to make the most of our human experience by balancing it with the spiritual awareness that all things are possible and that we are not alone."
Madisyn Taylor

Above is a photo of some flowers I sent recently to a friend of mine who suffered a major stroke not too long ago.  What happened during that critical time was an amazing sequence of events, that allowed her to escape relatively unscathed.  Here is her story.

Peggy and her husband George were on vacation in a remote part of Utah, when she experienced a major stroke (Peggy is around 60 years old, and in good health, so a stroke was not something she was expecting.)   Now, although they were in an isolated area, the owner of the small B&B where they were staying was a retired nurse, and she recognized the symptoms at once and called the volunteer ambulance service in that area.  The ambulance arrived within 3 minutes and Peggy was rushed to the nearest hospital, where the clot was dissolved successfully soon thereafter.

Peggy emerged from this trauma relatively unscathed.  Her motor functions remained intact, and, though she does have minor speech impairment, that is rapidly improving.  Her doctors tell her to expect a full recovery.

Was this series of events merely a lucky synchronicity, or did divine intervention play a role? Whatever the case, Peggy's family and friends are deeply grateful that the result was so fortunate.

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