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Friday, June 01, 2012

(Recently a scientist friend of mine asked me if there was any scientific evidence for the existence of Kundalini.  I was quite surprised and puzzled by his question.  I think I have lived so long in the field of Kundalini, that it has never occurred to me to ask if it was "real."  I find Kundalini as real as any other feature of existence.  I meet it on a daily basis, and together we affirm our affinity.
Since I do not come from the world of science, which emphasizes objectivity rather than subjectivity, I accept that most of what we know as our "experience" is in fact shrouded in mystery.  To allow this mysterious process to roam through our systems and to embrace it as ultimate truth without full explanation is, for me, not a challenge but a blessing.

Somehow, I saw a connection between these thoughts and what Hildegard says of the beautiful plant she is contemplating:"No earthly sense or being can comprehend you."  Life itself is a mystery which cannot be explained, whether of human or animal or plant.  Likewise with Kundalini.

O most noble Greenness, rooted in the sun
By Hildegard von Bingen
(1098 - 1179)
English version by Jerry Dybdal and Matthew Fox

O most noble Greenness, rooted in the sun,
shining forth in streaming splendor upon the wheel of Earth.
No earthly sense or being can comprehend you.
You are encircled by the very arms of Divine mysteries.
You are radiant like the red of dawn!
You glow like the incandescence of the sun!

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